Learn Coding with Hardware

Bring coding from the screen into real life, tangible programming makes use of physical coding cards and themed maps to guide and encourage children to explore, perceive, and create through a series of fun interactions.


Early childhood education robot

Foster Logical Thinking | Tap to Learn Coding | Cross-curricular Links | Screen Free

Scratch is a block-based visual programming language targeted primarily at children, no prior experience required.

Codey Rocky

Smart robot for beginner coding and AI learning

Block-based Programming丨10+ Advanced Electronic Modules丨 Get to AI & IoT

Arduino C is a text-based programming language based on Arduino board. Scratch and Arduino C are both ideal coding language for creating innovative projects.


Blue programmable robot kits

Python is one of the most widely used languages on AI projects. Moving on to Python from Scratch takes your coding to the next level.

Makeblock Halocode

Wireless single board computer

AI & IoT丨Various Sensors丨Multi-Thread Programming

Start Making

Makeblock Neuron

Programmable electronic building block platform

Playful Gadgets | Flow-based Programming | AI & IoT | Pogo Pin Connection


Blue programmable robot kits


Modular and programmable flying robot

Modular Design | Easy to Transform | Scratch Coding | Get to Aerodynamics

Unleash Your Creativity


Smart desktop laser cutter

Bring Sketch to Life | Easy to Use | Gallery and Lessons | Safe and Eco-friendly


Programmable building block platform

400+ Types of Parts | Customized Makerspace Proposals | Gratnells Classroom Storage Solutions

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