Our Mission | Makeblock - Global STEAM Education Solution Provider

Our mission

To help people turn their ideas into reality, and to take education to the next level.

From the beginning with the DIY platform, to the newly released product Codey Rocky, after 6 years, over 2,000 days and nights, Makeblock still has been on mission to “To help people turn their ideas into reality, and to take education to the next level”. By developing hardware and software products, providing high-quality contents and operating robotic competitions, Makeblock greatly lower the threshold of creation by providing tools and methods of creation, so that everyone can realize their ideas and enjoy the experience of creating.

What is STEAM education?

STEAM education is an interdisciplinary teaching concept that integrates the Arts with the traditional STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It emphasizes practice-based learning instead of, as traditional education does, theoretical knowledge. It encourages students to participate in projects that are related to their daily lives, or part of their own interests. By finding ways to solve problems on their own, students gain comprehensive skills over a range of subjects, like critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, communication, collaboration, and entrepreneurship, and more.

Makeblock’s STEAM Education Solutions

We provide hardware and software products, supporting materials and online educational resources, so that you can easily use our integrated solutions for self-study or teaching. Additionally, we regularly arrange a variety of robotics competitions to give everyone the opportunity to use technology to realize their ideas.


Makeblock offers 5 lines of hardware products:

The DIY Platform consisting of more than 500 parts
The mBot series, a range of mechanical robot kits
Airblock, the modular and programmable flying robot
Makeblock Neuron, the programmable electronic building block platform
Codey Rocky, Smart robot for beginner coding and AI learning

From single parts, to hardware kits and add-on packs, Makeblock’s hardware products feature award-winning and user-friendly industrial design.


Makeblock has 4 visual programming suites:

mBlock, a block-based and text-based programming software based on Scratch.
Makeblock App, for controlling our robots, and the mBlock App, a gamified learning app, both of which make programming easy for beginners.
Makeblock Neuron App makes creating electronic inventions easy through its flow-based programming language.

To date, the total number of Makeblock software users exceeds 6 million and continues to grow.

Educational Resources

We provide Makeblock users with high-quality content for independent learning, education use, and entertainment. You can find multilingual textbooks, videos and a variety of new and interesting use cases to help you get started with our products and rapidly advance your learning.


We have established a global robotics competitions platform called MakeX in order to promote STEAM education. By operating this youth robotics competition and other events including our Makerathon and our popular STEAM Carnival, we aim to give everyone the chance to participate in technologically-driven creation and cultivate the next generation of innovators.