In order to achieve Arduino mainboard interacted with application, Makeblock provide Arduino communication program to implement these functions.
The compiled Arduino communication program is firmware.
When Arduino mainboard run this firmware, we can no longer to take Arduino native programming system and easy to use the graphical programming and mobile applications.

Update firmware

Option 1: We provide several ways to update the firmware, the most immediate way is compile and upload the firmware code to main control board by using Arduino IDE.
You may need to install the drivers the computer could recognize the main control board. (Please select the appropriate drivers according the mainboard type)

Download Drivers here
Download the firmware source code here: GitHub ( for Me BaseShield, need to check this version of source code:link )

Option 2: We provide more convenient tool to upload the compiled tools to mainboard.

Firmware update tool download here: GitHub (Based on Adobe AIR, it will check Adobe AIR environment first time). The suffixed with hex is pending to upload firmware file, the latest Hex file is in the update tool compression bag.


Option 3: In addition, you may also update the firmware in Scratchbot, for details, go to mBlock Introduction.

Source Code

Go to View: GitHub
Download latest code: Here


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