Laser Engraver Update for XY-Plotter V2.0

Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack is for XY Plotter Robot Kit V2.0, it can engrave by laser. It uses 405nm blue-violet laser as semiconductor laser. The max work area is 300mmx350mm, engrave accuracy could be 0.1mm. We would like to recommend wood board, colorful paper cards, dark opaque acrylic, etc as engrave/cutting material.

Please wiring the electronic parts (pictured right) first.
Connect the Main control board (for example: Me Baseboard) with computer by USB and unpack the download files. ([Download here])


Update the corresponding firmware according the mainboard type and run flush_firmware_for_makeblock_en.exe in the admin mode.

How to identify your main control board type? Check the back of mainboard to confirm the model. (For example we use Me Baseboard V1.0 here.)

Note: We occasionally get reports from users that Benbox is blocked by antivirus software during installation. This is because Benbox is not in the whitelist of the antivirus software. Please rest assured that Benbox is safe to download and install. Make sure to turn off the antivirus software before installing Benbox on your computer.


Click “Refresh” button, select the port number and upgrade the firmware according your mainboard type. (We take Me Baseboard as example here, the same function as Leonardo, and click Leonardo flush firmware.)

1 Sample 1- Engrave as vector-based Makeblock LOGO

Notice: Please make sure the wiring and software settings are correct before you begin to engrave. Turn on the Benbox, adjust the settings to let least-spot fallen onto the wood.


(1) Connect the serial port and setup the config as shown below
(2) Open the Logo. bmp file as shown in Left Figure



(3) Position the wood you want to engrave, select Outline as line style. Click Print button after location, select Curve option and click Tick button to start engraving.


(4) Engrave image effect as shown below


2 Sample 2- Engrave as raster-based Horse or scanning cartoon avatar

(1) Connect with serial port and setup the config as shown below:(Note: The bigger size of graphic or higher pixels it has, the longer time it will take)
①The slower speed, the higher precision ②The higher speed, the lower precision


(2) Open the horse.bmp file as shown below


(3) Position the wood to engrave and select Outline carve mode. Select Scan by Z-shaped option, choose Curve line style and click Tick button to start engraving.


(4) Engrave effect image


3. Sample 3- Engrave as vector-based – Engrave the fish

(1) Setup the vector engrave config as shown below
(2) Open the fish.dxf file belongs to Examples of material catalog. Please check the effect image blow. (Note: DXF preview don’t support zooming.)


(3) Position the wood and select the Outline (Carve Mode) and Scan by Line (Line Style). Continue to select Print Button, select Outline (Carve Mode) option and Curve (Line Style). When all the configs are selected, click Tick button get started engraving.


(4) Engrave image effect as shown below


4 More engraved samples



a) XY Plotter V2.0+ Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack

With the special designed Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack, XY Plotter V2.0 could upgrade to a laser engraver with maximum working area 300mm×350mm, precision 0.1mm. .
Compatibility: XY Plotter kit (servo mode, laser mode) ,mDrawBot (mScara, mCar, mEggBot, mSpider),
OS Environment: Windows, Mac, Linux
Supported File Type: *.svg, *.bmp (convert to *.svg)
Supported Engrave Materials: Wood boards, colorful paper cards, dark opaque acrylic, foam papers, dark cloth, leather, etc.
Supported Cutting Materials: Colorful paper cards, foam papers, etc.


b) mDraw

b) mDraw

mDraw is a host computer software originally designed for 4-in-1 drawing robot mDrawBot, we developed the compatibility with XY Plotter 2.0 Servo mode and Laser mode.

Download:Examples of material
Download:XY Plotter V2.0 Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack User Guide – mDraw Version 1.0(English)
Download:XY绘图仪V2.0激光雕刻升级包用户使用手册-mDraw版 V1.0(CHS)

Software Download:mDraw(Mac)(New)

Software Download:mDraw(Windows)

Resources Download

Laser upgrade pack download(中文版)



Assembly instructions


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