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mBot motor shaft broken

This video will teach you how to replace the broken motor shaft for your mBot within 1-2-3 steps:



How to restore factory setting manually?

First of all, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of mBlock.

Secondly, turn on your mBot with connected batteries and connect mBot to your computer with USB cable.

Thirdly, open the software mBlock, then choose the correct serial port in the menu “connect” and choose the boards as mBot in the menu “Boards”.

Fourthly, Click the “Reset Default Program” in the menu “Connect” and wait until it succeed 100%.



mBot other FAQs

Q: After the USB cable is connected to the main board, my computer still can’t detect the serial port, why?

A: Several possible reasons that may cause this problem:

  • Your computer hasn’t installed the driver of the main board. Please download here, You can also find the driver in mBlock Software.123
  • The switch of the main board has not been turned ON. Check the switch and make sure it’s turned ON, otherwise the serial port won’t be available to be detected.
  • If none of the above solutions work, please try another USB port of your computer.

Q:When I controlled the mBot car to move forward, it moved backwards. How can I fix this?

A: the wiring of the motor is connected reversed. Please reconnect.

Q: How to charge the main board after it’s installed with lithium batteries?

A: Use a USB cable to connect the main board to your PC, the charging will star automatically (no matter the switch is turned on or off). If you turn the switch OFF, the battery can be charged with faster speed and higher efficiency.

To see the status: if the red indicator on the left side of the main board is on, it indicates the charging is ongoing. If the green indicators on the right is on, it means the battery is fully charged.

Q: What’s the working voltage of the main board?

A: 3.7V to 6V.

Q: Is mCore compatible with both Bluetooth and 2.4G?

A: Yes. And both Bluetooth and 2.4G module use the same connector, which means you can use whichever you want.

Note: Bluetooth and 2.4G modules can’t be used simultaneously on one board.

Q: Why the Bluetooth of my mBot can’t connect to my computer?

  • Make sure your computer comes with Bluetooth. If yes, make sure the Bluetooth is on. (The Bluetooth of some laptops are OFF by default. In this case, you need to turn on the Bluetooth and install the driver manually).
  • If your computer comes without Bluetooth, you can also purchase a Bluetooth adapter to add Bluetooth function to your PC.
  • Make sure the connection of the Bluetooth module and the main board is correct.
  • Check the blue indicator for Bluetooth on the main board. If flashing, it means the Bluetooth has not been connected; if solid on, connected.

Q: While I am controlling the mBot to move forward, I found that the speed difference of the 2 wheels is quite big. What should I do?

A: It is possible that a RJ25 cable or the motor cable is pressed against the wheel which increase the force of friction and slow down the speed. In this case, please check your cables.

Q: What kind of software that mBot can use to program?

A: Graphic programming software, such as mBlock and Arduino.

Q: While the lithium battery of mBot is being charged, is there any protection?

A:Yes. It has over-current and over-charge protection.

Q: How to turn on the Bluetooth of my computer?

A: Computer Management -> Services -> Bluetooth Support -> Click “Start the Service”.


Q: How many modes 2.4G has?

A: Two.

  • Slow-flashing mode: When the 2.4G indicator is flashing slowly, it means it’s in slow-flashing mode. In this mode, the 2.4G module has memory function that will remember the 2.4G adapter it connected before and won’t connect to any new adapter automatically.
  • Fast-flashing mode: When the 2.4G indicator flashes with fast speed, it means it’s in fast-flashing mode. In this mode, the 2.4G module will automatically connect to the 2.4G adapter which is powered on. No memory function in this mode.

Q: How to switch between the Two 2.4G mode?

A: Simply pressing the button on the 2.4G module to switch mode.

Q: I can’t control my mBot via my phone at the beginning, why?

A: mBot is set to be controlled by IR remote control by default. To enable remote control by phone, please update the firmware in mBlock (Connect → Update Firmware).


Q: How to restore factory setting manually?

A: Please refer to this guide.

Q: The Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoidance Mode of my mBot fails to work. How to fix it?

A: Please:

  • Make sure the ultrasonic module is connected to Port 3 (required).
  • Double check the wiring of the ultrasonic module and make sure the connection is firm and well.
  • Check whether the red indicator of the ultrasonic module is on. If not, the problem is caused by wiring.
  • Press B on the IR remote control to enter Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoidance Mode

Q: Why I can’t control my mBot with the IR remote control?

A: Please

  • Make sure the program of the main board remains to be the “factory setting”. (Not updated)
  • Make sure correct number of correct type of battery has been loaded in the remote control.
  • Press A to enter IR Remote Control Mode.

Q: How to adjust the speed of mBot?

A:The 1-9 keys on the IR remote control are set to adjust the speed of mBot. 1 for slowest and 9 for fastest.

Q: Where can I download mBlock graphical programming software?

A: Please download here: http://mblock.cc/


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