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Coding Robot Maker Kits

Programmable mechanical building block platform

300+ mechanical parts feature the same standardized connection that are also compatible with LEGO and industry-standard parts, so that you can assemble various projects. 100+ electronic modules are color-coded according to their functionality and effortlessly connected with RJ25 cables.

Coding Robot Maker Kits

Programmable high-precision robot plotting kit

A drawing robot kit that integrates mechanical parts with electronic modules. Its precision positioning lets you draw with an accuracy of 0.1mm, so that you can create detailed paintings, texts, and sculptures with the visual programming software mDraw.

Coding Robot Maker Kits

Modular electronic platform for  quick prototyping

Includes 12 electronic modules and 1 Orion main control board with color interfaces which are easy to connect. It enables you to first build and then program to your creation using block-based programming without need for previous experience, and then go on to learn advanced coding with the Arduino IDE.