If you are a visual learner, you may wonder how visual and the auditory information are translated into a language of the computers. The graphical approach in programming will allow the computer to process the spatial representations in two or more dimensions. This graphical programming is calledas Visual Programming Language in which it defines pictures by means of textbased language. It is frequently used in engineering system designs totranslate the information of events and vibrations during the testing of automotive engines into a visual readout.

Graphical programming tools are used to employ the block diagrams, virtual instrumentsand connectors. It can also be used to monitor and control the automated process. In addition, it can analyze some mathe matical functions like use insignal processing. It will allow also the users to have access in databases ofinformation on its terrain, buildings, and demographics or use in cellularsystem design.

Withthis graphical programming environment, most of the children and beginners can now have the chance to learn this programming. It is one way on how taughtchildren use the program Arduino and robotics easy and fast. An Arduino programis awesome when it comes to electronics of education platform.

Here are some of the best graphical programming environments that you can choosefrom if you want to learn programming:

 Graphical Programming Software

1. Scratch

Scratch is software where you can program your own interactive of animations,stories, and games. Moreover, with the scratch you have the chance to share your creations to the other people in the online world. This software can helpthe young people to think and learn in a very creative way. Through Scratch,you can create your work system atically and can work in a collaborative way that is essential in skills. Scratch is a kind of projects of Life long Kindergarten Group specifically at MIT Media Lab where it provides free charge.It is design for ages 8 years old up to 16 years old however, it is commonly used by most of the people of all ages. Most of the people create their Scratchprojects in different settings such as homes, museums, schools, communitycenters and libraries. It has the capability to code the computer program,which is very important part in today’s literacy. When you learn coding usingthe Scratch you w ill also learn some important strategies in designing projects, solving problems and communicating ideas. With this software,students at all levels and educators can now share their stories, askquestions, exchange resources, and find people in ScratchEd site.It is now usein almost 150 countries because it has 40 available languages.

2. Ardublock

Ardublock is blocked-based type of graphical programming environment increating Arduino programs. It allows the user to see the Arduino code and download the program. This software was develop by HE Quichen and David Li. For you to use the Ardublock, you need to install it and creates programs. The core of your Ardublocks can divided in different categories such as control, pins,test, math operators, variables or constants, communications, storage and codeblocks. Further more, the core nof Ardublocks blocks the version of the Ardublocks that contains number of blocks that is use to read duo sensors andoutputs. These are LED, Tri-color Led, status, motor, servo, vibration, andsensor and system voltage. Once you install the Ardublock all your Ardublocks programs are place in the Arduino Sketchbook. On the other hand, download thezip files such as BlinkLED, FadeLED, Knob Motor Control, Sensor Printer, SensorTrigger, Serial Humming bird Interface, Simple Servo, and Slow Motion Servo.Ardublock window is divided in to two. On left is the bins where it store the possible blocks that you can add in your sketch. And the other half in the right side is where you can draw your sketch. To add your sketch just drags itfrom bin going to the blank area. However, Ardublock sketch will require you toprogram block and find the control bin. This program blocks can set up thefunctions of Arduino program then you can now upload your drawing and check your upload status.

Toy Kits
Toy Kits

3. mBlock

mBlock is graphical programming environment that is based on Scratch 2.0. It iseasy to use by everyone and has a nice interface. mBlock is high compatibilitysoftware, it supports Arduino Uno, Arduino leonardo boards, Arduino Nano, ArduinoMega128-, Arduino Mega 2560, PicoBoard, mCore (Based on Arduino Uno), and etc.Users can also use mBlock to program the Makeblock electronic modules withcustomized scripts. mBlock software has best features like Arduino Program toset digital pin and output it as high and low. It is very perfect for thebeginner in switching graphical programming to a text-based programming. Inusing mBlock there is no need for help of additional applications. Thissoftware has a complete package and can start your work such as Arduino IDE,Arduino driver and many more. It also provides expandable and modularextensions support for the new boards and platforms. mBlock is a great softwarefor kids and beginners to learn how to program the Arduino boards and start doingthe robotic projects. It has more than 100 optimizations compared to scratchwhere you can truly explore and 12 available languages.

Robot Toy Kits

4. Minibloq

Minibloq is free software of graphical programming environment for Arduino. It helps to teach programming that specializes in robotics in all levels inschools. This kind of software is commonly use in Argentina where almost 6000children are trained with this type of software in most of the public schools.A graphical code generator has IDE ability, has complete tool to compile thecode of selected target, and configured in MXL.It has minisim, small 2D robotsimulator that is design for kids. This software aims to teach all childrenabout the basic robot programming. It has features of having simple blocks tocontrol robot, draw environment, and use sensor in interacting withenvironment. In addition, it can runs under Linux and Windows.

Scratch,Ardublock, mBlock and Miniboq are graphical programming software environmenttypes that offer different features and functions to all users. Scratch is aprogram where in you can create your own interactive of animations, stories,and games and share it online. Ardublock is a program that is blocked-basedtype of graphical programming environment that can create Arduino programs.mBlock is a graphical programming envirnment based on Scratch 2.0 Open SourceCode that makes it easy to program Arduino projects and create interactiveapplications. Minibloq specializes in robotics.These programming softwares willhelp your children to learn programming and robotics in a very easy and simpleway.

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