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(P.S. This is the Project Showcase from Makeblock Fan – slulu226)


One of the Makeblock projects got hot recently on Instructables about How to Make a Ball Launcher by slulu226. We contacted with this author, who is one of Makeblock big fans for over 2 years. This is the first time, she held a home workshop to build something awesome with friends last weekend. Here is the full part lists for her ball luancher. Most of them are from Makeblock official site.

Part List from Makeblock Official Site

Part ListNumberProduct Link
CNC Motor2
Bracket 3×32×3-blue-4-pack/
Bracket P12
Bracket P3 A2
Shaft D4X160mm2
4mm D shaft 56mm2
Flange Bearing 4x8x32
Locknut M4
AB1 M4-N
Plastic rivet 4060B4
Plate 45°3
Shaft Collar 4mm14
Shaft Connector 4mm
Hexagon head screws M4X1412
Hexagon head screws M4X166
Hexagon head screws M4X2224
Hexagon head screws M4X306
Hexagon head screws M4X358
Hexagon head screws M4X816
Timing Pulley 62T2
Timing Pulley 90T2
Timing Pulley Slice 90T-
Speed Governor2

Part List from other sites or DIYed at home

U Bracket-C
PU Wheel 125
Wheel hub 3
D Shaft D8X96mm threaded
Timing Pulley Slice 62T-
Plastic rivet 4060A
Hexagon socket set screws M5×5
Rubber Feet V2.0
Motor Case 2
Acrylic sheet1
tennis ball
240 timing belt
132 timing belt
Hexagon socket set screws M3×5

Check the showcase video here:

Thanks for all contributes from Slulu226! Makeblock welcomes all fans’ DIY works to showcase here! Do you have any DIY projects built with Makeblock robotic parts? Don’t hesitate to share with us too!

Last, we share you a ball-picking machine to echo their project.

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