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The maker’s gene of Makeblock

Makeblock’s Makerathon is a 24-hour competition that brings together people who love building and creating new things and challenges them to work as a team to build robots with a specific objective and according to a certain theme. Mechanical parts, electronic modules, software, and any other objects needed to accomplish the task can be combined to turn ideas into real, functioning robots.

The Makerathon is one of Makeblock’s core cultural events, carrying the maker’s spirit of creation and sharing. We hope that more and more people will participate in and organize these events to turn their ideas into reality and enjoy the satisfaction of creation.

STEM Project Ideas

Classic themes and celebrated work

Theme: Shadow of Sound and Light

STEM Project Ideas

Magic Guitar

The Magic Guitar is built from double beams, and Auriga mainboard, and five line-follow sensors. Four of them are set up to trigger the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La and Ti, and the fifth is used to control pitch. The LED lights on the Auriga mainboard add a light effect to make the guitar something very extraordinary.

Laser Sword

The Laser Sword is a work built with mBot Ranger as the base. The parts used include the RJ25 adapter module, line-follow modules and a mainboard. When the line-follow modules register touch, the RGB lights on the sword and mainboard will light up. The gyroscope built into the mainboard adds further interactivity to the sword by making it sensitive to motion.

Theme: Bionic

STEM Project Ideas

Shadow Wolf

The Shadow Wolf is a fierce hunter! It makes its mood known by changing the color of the RGB lights on its head and hind legs. Through its four-wheel drive, it gains unmatched speed and agility.

STEM Project Ideas

Battle Scorpion

The War Scorpion is a feared combatant! This scorpion is equipped with 8 Gatling guns, and a tail that can whip its opponent. With its Mecanum Wheels, it gains the ability to move omni-directionally.

Theme: The Creator

Braille Typewriter

Braille typewriter is comprised of an XY plotter, printer and MegaPi. It runs a translation software that makes it able to translate written Chinese and English into braille type and print it out so that that also visually impaired people can read the text. *Special thanks to the valuable support from Mr. Huang Xitong of the Tencent Charitable Foundation.

STEM Project Ideas

Tour Guide Robot

The Tour Guide Robot consists of mechanical parts from the Makeblock platform, a mainboard, a camera module, and an iPad, and other parts. It also has an Ultrasonica sensor the enables the Tour Guide Robot to detect visitors. Its servo can control the robot’s hands to perform actions such as shaking hands with the people it meets. The robot can lead the guests by following lines and can speak to introduce itself. Its telescopic head also lets it record images from multiple angles.


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