To get ahead in the 21st century, children not only need to learn how to use technology but to develop it. That’s why so many parents want their kids to learn programming. and there is no better way to start than with a programmable robot kit. Moreover, a programmable robot kit is the best way, especially when there’s no teacher around to guide your kids individually.

As a leading STEM education-solution provider, Makeblock developed a robot for beginners, called mBot. With its specially designed parts, built-in sensors, and a set of personalized options, mBot is one of the most fun robots your child can build with. At the same time, mBot has user-friendly instructions and super-simple programming software that allows kids to get hands-on experience in coding and robotics.

Coding robot

How to write code for robots

Your child can code this adorable robot by using the graphical programming software mBlock. The software is based on MIT’s visual programming language Scratch 2.0 to guarantee that beginners can start coding within minutes. The software inherits all the characteristics of Scratch and adds many more scripts to interact with the hardware. Your children will feel a great sense of accomplishment when they easily program their mBot without writing difficult codes or coding languages.

mBlock is a block-based programming software that enables children to simply drag and drop command blocks to program their robot. Children can control the robot through the app by writing simple codes, and they can see their robot instantly respond to the instructions. Makeblock also provides smooth transitions from the graphical programing language to the code programing language, Python. With one click, children can write codes and learn an actual practical language on the Python editor.

By integrating hardware and software, mBot allows children to make their codes visible in the physical world. This programmable robot kit is definitely a better choice for those kids who want to learn the basic skills as they play and later transfer that knowledge to real-world applications.

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