Makeblock, global leading STEAM education solution provider, attended the 25th International Conference on the Future of Asia in Tokyo Japan on 31 May. The Conference has been held by Nikkei Inc. since 1995 and is one of the most important annual governmental, academic and entrepreneurial summits in Asia-Pacific. Makeblock was invited as the only Chinese company on the panel discussion and had in-depth conversations with the audience and counterparts over global innovation and Makeblock’s vision on STEAM education.

Asia, enjoying an increasing number of fast growing economies, ever-booming technology startups, is changing the beat of global innovation. Considered by most as China’s answer to Silicon Valley, Shenzhen China is surfing forefront of the tide. CNN’s recent documentary Innovate Shenzhen reported that supportive government, developed networks and confluence of talents have made Shenzhen to be China’s innovative engine and an ideal startup hub. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Makeblock is valued around US$ 350 million after round C funding and reported by CNN as one of the few Chinese companies that succeed globally.

Jasen Wang, Founder & CEO of Makeblock, spoke on the Conference, “Our technology has come to a point where collaborations are more important than ever. Makeblock has been working with school and channel partners in Asia and the rest of the world to offer better education to more students. We encourage users to keep learning, curious and stay creative with our multi-disciplinary and hardware-software combined solutions.”

Makeblock provides comprehensive hardware, software, content solutions and top-notch competitions to schools, educational institutions and families. To date, Makeblock has established 4 overseas subsidiaries and achieved 25000 school and 1600 channel partnerships worldwide. There are over 8 million users in the world using Makeblock solutions.