Guinness Record: The world’s Largest Robotics Class | Makeblock

Guinness Record: The world’s Largest Robotics Class

April 5, 2018, a Makeblock robotics class broke the Guinness record as the world’s largest. With 971 primary and secondary school students from 26 states in Mexico in attendance, the event was held by the education department of Mexico Jalisco, and taking place in Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco. The mBot robots and the programming software mBlock used during this event were designed and created by Makeblock. The class lasted for an hour using 300 of Makeblock’s programmable robot mBots and its programming software mBlock as the teaching tools.

Makeblock has been working with the education department of Jalisco for over a year. Jalisco, a state known for its innovation and technologies in Mexico, has been dedicated to promoting robotics and mathematics education from kindergarten through to college, to help cultivate students’ scientific-based learning and their creativity. Over 290,000 students that have been taking robotics courses to learn how to build and design robots since 2017, the number is expected to reach half a million in 2018.

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