First Mexico national coding robot competition - ROBOMATH | Makeblock

Coding robot competition—— Mexico’s ROBOMATH

In 2017, robotics education was made a national priority by Mexico’s government and the first Mexico national robotics competition, titled ROBOMATH, was held in primary and secondary schools across 32 states. In Jalisco, one of the economically most important states in Mexico, Makeblock is the designated robotic equipment provider for all preliminary contests, rematches and finals of ROBOMATH. With Makeblock’s programmable robots for education, students are able to sharpen their skills in mathematics and programming by competing with other teams in their abilities in making their robots follow lines, avoid obstacles, wrestle, and more. In order to help students prepare for the competition, Makeblock’s local partners visited more than 240 schools to provide training to students who didn’t have prior experience working with robotics or programming, before the start of ROBOMATH.

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