Makeblock’s mBot Series Robots Accredited for Quality Education by Kokoa Education Standard

May 22, Makeblock announced that its mBot series STEAM education products received accreditation from the Finnish education standard agency Kokoa, and thus Makeblock became the first Chinese educational robotics company ever accredited by Kokoa. Kokoa is also a part of Finnish National Agency for Education’s official education program and is 2018 BETT Asia Innovations Award winner for its evaluation methodologies.

mBot Series Robots Earns Accreditation by Kokoa Education Standard

CEO of Kokoa Marika Kukkasniemi said:” Kokoa Standard is a science-based quality certificate, with the aim of helping educators, students and parents find quality learning solutions. It’s based on educational psychology and engaging learning model, and it’s been developed together with university researchers from Finland. We test the programmable robots mBot series against the UK curriculums. We want to see whether they were effectively align with its learning objectives, pedagogical methods and learning engagements. Besides, according to Kokoa’s 60-page evaluation report, mBot series represent high educational quality and are  promote learning efficiently, with their Pedagogical Approach scored a 98/100.”

mBot – Accreditation STEAM Education Products

1.  Makeblock provides a meaningful way to practice construction and programming with a modifiable robot.

2. The robot can be instructed in multiple different ways and it comes with a few different applications. There is right difficulty level whether you are a beginner or more advanced with programming.

3. Makeblock robots come up with a large variety of different educational materials, e.g. lesson plans and project works.

4. mBot and mBot Ranger are versatile and robust robots, we can use it for fun or creating ambitious creations.

Finland is a world-renowned country of education

Finland is a world-renowned country of education. Its education system has routinely been topping education rankings such as in the Global Competitiveness Report by World Economic Forum and the Better Life Index by OECD since the beginning of this century. Finland is widely considered to be a top-notch country for K-12 and STEAM education in the world. The Finnish education system underlines that kids learn best through play. Besides, educators emphasize respect for kids’ individualities and development of lifelong cooperation and communication skills. As an education standard certificate agency for Finnish and worldwide education products, Kokoa is one of the propelling forces of global STEAM education development, providing professional evaluations of educational products in this field. For Chinese educational institutions and projects, Kokoa’s acknowledgment is beyond just a certificate and deemed as a ticket to the global education market.

Jasen Wang, founder and CEO of Makeblock, said: “Since the first launch in 2015, mBot series have delighted millions of users around the world. Educators from over 10 countries have written and published 33 curriculums for mBot in 10 languages such as Chinese, English, French and German. This Kokoa certification not only signifies once again a deep integration of Makeblock and world-leading STEAM education system, but also provides a successful case study of the growth, transformation and globalization of the Chinese education industry. Besides, it is a great source of pride for Makeblock and encourages Makeblock to reach a broader global market with our innovative STEAM education products.”


About Makeblock

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