MakeX 2019 will have new themes/programs and put creative competitions online

On December 9, MakeX Robotics Competition, initiated and sponsored by Makeblock, made its 2018 global final at Nansha Stadium Guangzhou and announced its annual champions as well as new competition themes and programs for the 2019.

350 teams with different nationalities have risen to the top, making appearances in this global final after months of competitions in 50 cities of 20 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania.

Started from December 7, the Final had today witnessed 8 teams champion the 2018 tournament, winning 500,000 RMB from STEAM Education Dream Fund.

Coding Academy is a group from Mexico who has come a long way to the Final. “We are very proud of our kids and happy to see they enjoy the games,” said the instructor, “The kids are crazy about robots. All of their mothers are here with them today. It was a lot of hard work to be able to play here, but all was worth it.”

Jasen Wang ‘s initiate goal

Jasen Wang, Founder & CEO of Makeblock, the initiator and sponsor of MakeX, said: “Robotics is the best way to teach kids how to code. By competing with robots, they put their thoughts, problem-solving, communicating and creating skills on the trial and get to know the digital world through what they code. We want to host the best robotics tournament and hope one day can bring MakeX to every corner of the world.”

As the grand finale to the tournament, MakeX Robotics Competition Committee announced new competition programs to MakeX 2019:

  • MakeX Spark-My City, a creative low-threshold program for students at 6 to 18;
  • MakeX Coding-Multiple Themes, a creative online community program.

The Committee also introduced new themes to the existing programs for 2019 season:

  • MakeX Starter-City Guardian;
  • MakeX Challenge-Courageous Traveler;
  • MakeX Premier-Strong Alliance.

MakeX 2019 will pass on the MakeX spirit of creativity, teamwork, sharing and fun with STEAM education as its core. Contestants will be tested on engineering, collaboration and tactics. More equipment options will be available in MakeX 2019 such as new mainboard models, electronic parts, motors and structural parts to bring more excitement, competitiveness and fresher experience to the tournament. By joining the MakeX, contestants will ultimately enrich their knowledge in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

About MakeX

The MakeX Robotics Competition is a global youth robotics competition organized by Makeblock to promote STEAM education, aiming to cultivate the next generation of innovators. The MakeX Robotics Competition has set the benchmark for international robot competitions through its advanced competition rules and professional event organization. To date, it has attracted hundreds and thousands of students from all over the world to its exciting tournaments.


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