The nationwide closure of schools poses unprecedented challenges for teachers, parents and students across the globe. In an effort to support parents and teachers who are making this transition to at-home learning Makeblock is introducing their STEAM on Board Initiative.
Makeblock, a global provider of STEAM & Computer Science education solutions, is launching their “at-home resources” as part of a larger global STEAM on Board Initiative for K-12 educators. The STEAM on Board program was originally designed to locally support the professional learning needs of our STEAM & Computer Science teachers through local educational service centers and Universities. However the impact of the COVID-19 is taking this new program online and Makeblock is now poised to provide their STEAM on Board program to all educators that have access to the web.

The STEAM on Board program will allow all educators including parents the opportunity to teach and learn STEAM concepts and methodologies through coding with the help of their freely available software, called mBlock and accompanying online educator resources and training.
“While we may not have beakers and other scientific or mathematical instruments at home, students can still practice their scientific, analytic, creative and design thinking skills which underpin STEAM by participating in these fun and creative coding experiences. If we continue to engage in these practices we are continuing to develop the building blocks of thinking that will serve our students well once they are able to return to the classroom. “ Makeblock GM and former STEAM teacher, Kristie Brown.
Starting today, interested teachers and parents can visit to sign up for access to the resources and live training opportunities that will be available around the globe. Once you have signed on to participate your local Makeblock partner will be in touch to provide more information regarding the local live training and provide access to all of the accompanying downloadable materials.

“We hope that these resources and online training opportunities are a valuable tool for our STEAM teachers. We also hope they are helpful to our parents who are looking for more educational opportunities from home. It is our goal to make this as teacher and parent-friendly as possible. We talk a lot about our students being lifelong learners for 21st Century success but now, we are relying on our parents to be lifelong learners and educators too. We want parents to know we are here to support them as they take on the challenge of being an educator too. “ Makeblock GM and former STEAM teacher, Kristie Brown.
Makeblock was founded in Shenzhen, China by a young entrepreneur, Jason Wang. The portfolio consists of self-developed software and hardware, namely robotics and electronic kits, as well as 3D printers and laser cutters. Designed to provide teachers and students with the tools they need to enable students to be creators, inventors and entrepreneurs. Makeblock solutions cover all age groups and segments: From early childhood education and primary school to post-secondary institutions. In addition, Makeblock organizes robotics competitions that allow teams of students from all over the world to collaborate and compete in an open and fun environment. Jasen Wang the founder and CEO of Makeblock Co., grew up in an economically disadvantaged household. He had no chance to experiment with technology or computers at home and discovered his affinity for robotics only during his studies. He traveled to America to attend Northwestern University where he graduated with an Aerospace Engineering degree and when he returned to China, his desire to increase access to technology and robotics for other children led to the development of the Makeblock company. In 2018 Forbes China ranked him as one of the top 30 entrepreneurs under 30.