We are excited to announce that the Makeblock Neuron Creative Lab Kit is available for purchase starting today.

With more than 30 electronic building blocks, the Creative Lab Kit brings children even more possibilities in bringing their ideas to life, and gives educators a multitude of ways to integrate practical learning, programming, AI and IoT, with their educational practices.

Key features of the Makeblock Neuron Creative Lab Kit:

  • The 30 blocks can be used to create more than 100 interactive preset effects, so that you can easily build your own projects anywhere and any time
  • Supports the Neuron app and mBlock, making it suitable for children to explore the fun of programming in a multidisciplinary fashion
  • The patented magnetic connector makes construction quick and easy, and blocks durable
  • Includes multiple advanced blocks including camera, mic and speaker, Wi-Fi, and more.
  • Supports AI, IoT, deep learning, and other complex functions so that children can learn cutting-edge technology while building and playing with their gadgets

Makeblock Neuron Creative Lab is priced at $699 and is available for purchase at the Makeblock Store.

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