Educational robots are not just plain, old robots. Actually, there are quite a few misunderstandings about them. Today, we are going to lift the veil off the mystery that is the educational robot and give you the facts about them.

1. How is the educational robots more than just a toy?

Nowadays, the use of toy robots as educational partners for children has been extensively explored. A good educational toy robot brings intellectual stimulus into what might just be a traditional toy. It allows users to learn areas of engineering and technology while playing. The robot’s built-in interactive system provides real-time instructions and feedback to every hands-on experience, making an educational robot not only a companion, but a tutor who can bring STEAM learning to users and better prepare them for the heavily technological global market. With Makeblock’s Codey Rocky, powered by mBlock software, users can experience the learning process in a series of games of different levels. The product also supports AI functionalities and LED displays, which allows users to not only interact with the machines, but also to learn the logical thinking process and principles behind AI through games and applications.

Educational robots

2. Can an educational robot teach English?

Robots have been actively used to teach English at school and home. Being able to help users learn English has become a crucial criterion when choosing robotic products. To increase the product’s appeal, many educational robot manufacturers embraced English software in their product and offer English options for each service. When using and interacting with these robots, users will not only receive knowledge of a certain field but be encouraged to learn and think in an English immersion environment. Makeblock robots bring users into an English-language STEAM education environment, while supporting this experience with curricula created by educators from all around the world.

3. Can an educational robot answer questions?

Many educational robots have incorporated AI techniques, aiming to teach in a more intelligent and personalized way. This makes educational robots able to do more than just automatically answer pre-programmed questions. They can actually be experts in various fields, with infinite patience to work with children, and even be able to customize the teaching process to the individual child. Makeblock’s mBot series supports AI functionality, including voice and face recognition, mood sensing, and more. This lets children have a whole bunch of fun while programming and helps them move ahead in the age of intelligence.

4. Is it a better product because it has more features?

When creating a product, manufacturers build in each feature to solve a certain problem. If a feature does not contribute to a solution or support the core function of a product, it is a waste of time and money. What’s more, consumer demand for features depends on the individual consumer’s personal needs and preferences. Therefore, it is the quality of a feature that determines a better product, not the number of features. As the leading STEAM education solution provider, Makeblock offers five lines of hardware products that can meet the needs of different age groups and programming levels. Makeblock’s educational robot’s features are dedicated to teaching kids skills such as problem-solving, logical thinking, engineering, coding, and physics.

5. What is the difference between price ranges?

The price of educational robots ranges widely in today’s market. Customers often ask what the difference is between cheap and expensive robots? For a STEAM educational robot, a higher price usually means the product consists of more mechanical parts and modules, as well as more advanced programming languages. These enable the product to process more complex designs and coding. Take the Makeblock mBot series, for example. The series includes mBot, mBot ranger, and mBot Ultimate 2.0, which are priced at $99.99, $149.99, and $349.99, respectively. The configuration of each product produces a smooth learning curve from beginner to expert, going from the most basic set, mBot, to the most difficult, the mBot Ultimate 2.0. 

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