STEAM education: When bringing up coding, the first things that might come to your mind are abstract languages and complicated computer programs that professionals can interprete. So it might sound absurd to introduce your young child to coding from an early age. However in recent years many studies have shown that this is not a bad idea. In fact, there are many reasons for why your child should come in touch with coding early on in their education. So if you are curious, read on!


Coding enables children to interact better with the highly digitized world today

Stem project ideasWe are now living in a digitalized world. We rely more and more on smartphones, laptops, VR and AI than ever before. With all of this technology revolving heavily around science, engineering, and mathematics. And coding is the glue that connects all these fields together. Code is the invisible framework that is able to use these fields and express them in technology. So in a way, learning coding is like learning the literacy skill of the digital world. It enables children to not only consume technology, but also start to think about what it is, how it works, and even how to create their own.


Coding is currently one of the most valuable and demanded skill sets in the STEM field

Stem project ideasA recent study showed that this year, an astonishing 2.4 million STEM jobs will go unfilled. 71% of all new jobs in STEM are in computing, while only 8% of STEAM education graduates are in computer science. Coding is one of the 13 top tech jobs that are high in demand. As you can see there is a tremendous shortage of coders and programmers, and this gap is only expecte to increase.

So getting children interested in coding and programming early on will help them build up a solid foundation of STEAM education knowledge. Allowing them to pick up things faster at school and get comfortable with computing. This progressive builds up of expertise in coding prepares them well to enter the STEAM education field, which leads them to seizing possible lucrative careers in the future.


Coding improves academic performance 

Stem project ideas

While a coding education does lead to many job opportunities in the computing industry. Coding also improves students’ overall academic performance in a big way. When students code and debug, they are training their logical thinking and execution. They also learn how to tackle complex problems, which exercise their creativity and their math and science abilities. With these skills , your child will find themselves ahead in school and do well in class no matter what grade they are and what subject they are learning.


Coding improves communication and collaboration 

Stem project ideasCoding involves writing and communicating in a computational language system. Just like mastering any other language, it requires precise construction and accurate grammar to be effective. To command the computer, children have to break down complex problems into more manageable parts. Then organize, synthesize and input these parts in a way that the computer can process it without mistakes. This helps improve their logical communication and their concise writing ability.

Additionally, this computational language system is a universal language system which means that it can eliminate barriers between different culture and language. It provides children with opportunities to communicate with any coders efficiently and freely.


Coding improves creativity 

Stem project ideasLearning how to code is both a great brain training and hands-on experience, through which children will gradually be able to produce their own idea creatively. The STEM coding DIY platform from Makeblock provides children with the tools, which they need to exercise their creativity limitlessly in design and construction. The DIY Platform features over 300 multi-compatible mechanical parts and over 100 electronic modules, which giving children the power to create whatever their imagination desires. Get your creativity on today!


Next Steps——Start Coding with Robots Now

Stem project ideasTo introduce coding to your children, it is recommended to start from products that infuse education and play into one object, allowing children to enjoy learning. mBlock software, which allows users to build and code a robot easier than ever before. The configuration of each product produces a smooth learning curve from beginner to expert coder for each user. They are great companions as well as instructors that can help take your kids’ coding skills to the next level.



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