With the innovation of more beginner-friendly coding robot, many educators have started to bring AI automation into the classroom. Bring out next level education curriculum to better prepare students for their future career opportunities. So how do you implement coding robots in the classroom and what exactly can it do for students?


Using Preloaded Lessons

Most of the current STEAM kit robots have software and preloaded lessons. It make it easy for teachers to use them in the classroom without the need of programming background knowledge. These preloaded lessons teach students independent thinking. Creativity through practicing concepts in subjects like science, technology, engineering, math and even art. To make it easier on teachers, Makeblock, a leading STEAM education solution provider, has developed pre-programed lessons in multiple languages that makes teaching effective for teachers and learning fun for their students.

 STEM Robot


Coding Robot Increasing Classroom Engagement

Coding robots help students learn their first lines of code in a unique way that promotes curiosity and fun. With an easy to use interface and endless opportunities to create games and functions. Student are able to learn and practice concepts while having a great time. Furthermore, learning with STEAM kits provide students with the opportunity to have a hands-on experience which teaching lasting lessons. After students introduced to the concept of subject, have seen how it works on the robot with teacher’s demonstration. Student can try to program the coding robot themselves and understand how code can manipulate their coding robot.


The Power of Visual Learning

According to studies, visual learning makes it easier for students to understand . And with the newest innovation from Makeblock, the Codey Rocky STEAM Kit, entering many classrooms around the globe. Students are able to interact with cutting-edge technology for the very first time. Students intuitively learn about logical thinking and the principles behind AI. They also get comfortable interacting with machines, which are all essential as they prepare for the arrival of the age of AI. Students are able to understand more about IoT, build projects. Such as smart weather thermometers that are useful in real-world settings.

 STEM Robot

Coding Robot Teaches Essential Teamwork Skills

Even if your students aren’t interested in the STEM field as their career path. They can still take away a lot of life skills that will be valuable to them, no matter what career they aspire to realize.


Teamwork is one of the main skills that brought out with robotics . When students start working on group assignments and large projects. Students will realize the importance of being able to collaborate with others and share ideas. When students put their heads together and cooperate than if they all worked individually. Many coding problems require a certain creativity that can be more easily conceive. When students are met up with difficult task. They will learn to develop better communication skills and open their mind up to what others think. With these skill sets, they can prepared to tackle what lies ahead in their lives. Whether it be social relationships or career related activity.

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