stem project ideas

STEAM education| In order to break into the field of machine learning, having a deep knowledge of mathematics is unquestionably important. For beginners, though, learning the basics of programming and getting to know a language like Python, which is commonly used for machine-learning tasks, is more important.

“If someone has programming fundamentals, that’s enough for them to dive into machine learning.”  Peter Cahill, founder and CEO of voice-interface specialist Voysis. “You’re not gonna get very far if you can’t program at all. Because, how you configure the machine-learning frameworks is through programming.”

All these quotes show the importance and necessity of learning to code before diving into the field of machine learning. In fact, it’s important for job seekers and also is the best second language that kids can learn. No doubt that programming languages will become the universal languages of the future.

stem project ideas

STEAM education :STEM Project Ideas

As is discussed in “Top 5 Tips to Make Your Child a Creative Genius”, STEAM education will arm children with those skills that are in high demand and help broaden their career paths in the future. To introduce machine learning and artificial intelligence to kids, it is very helpful to let them try playing games. Beyond learning basic concepts, children can do other fun projects to foster a deeper understanding of machine learning. As programming software designed for STEAM education, mBlock can perfectly meet the demands of STEAM education, which is mentioned in “How do kids use programming to design their own AI products?”

stem project ideas

 How to Get Start With Python?

Choosing a suitable language for kids to use in programming is very important, and, as is mentioned in this blog, Python, JavaScript, and HTML are the top three languages most recommended to help kids learn programming. Among these top three coding languages, we highly recommend beginners to choose Python. It is the most popular introductory language at top U.S. universities, as well as in industry, for all subjects that require programming. We can use Python to create video games, web frameworks, and many scientific and math-based computing projects. A lot of famous companies and platforms, like Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and Disney use Python in the machine learning process.

How to begin? Kids of different ages can try different forms of coding learning. And Scratch might be the most suitable one for young beginners. After children outgrow Scratch, they will be ready for Python. In the blog “How Can You Encourage Kids to Start Learning Coding Skills?”, it suggests step-by-step methods to guide kids into learning coding.

There are many programming systems that allow young programmers to design and code with fun. In addition, studies show that visual cues are helpful for coding learning, and the blog, “Visual Coding: A Fun, Kid-Friendly Programming Process” introduced visual coding and mBlock in detail. mBlock is a powerful tool that helps kids learn coding while playing. A programming language based on Scratch 3.0, mBlock makes learning a programming language fun and effective. With the help of mBlock, coding can be as easy as using building blocks.

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