stem robot gift

STEM Robot Gift | Christmas is on the way! With countless choices in the marketplace, shopping for a Christmas gift for your kids can be overwhelming. An educational robot is a solid choice for people who want to find something fun. Also, it is good for parents to help their kids’ comprehension ability.

As technology nowadays rapidly develops, the high demand for STEM talents has raised public awareness. This awareness includes the importance of cultivating the new generation’s interest and ability in STEM robot fields. To spark a child’s interest in a particular subject area, educational toys can provide a fun and entertaining playtime for them. They can even enhance child’s learning experience. Educational robots help retain children’s interest in abstract subjects like STEM by engaging them in a way they naturally enjoy.

At Makeblock, our well-designed product lines are a one-stop shop. Parents can choose educational robots that are suitable for kids of many ages. Our products provide integrated solutions for STEM learning and entertainment.

For example, an educational robot such as Codey Rocky is designed to help kids learn STEM robot in a fun and interactive way. It is like having a good study companion and a great personal instructor for kids. Also,  good for teenagers who wants to excel in STEM.

stem robot gift

STEM Robot Gift – Codey Rocky

Codey Rocky’s cute look can remind you of an electronic pet. It uses Scratch 3.0, a graphical programming language, as the foundation of its software structure. The software’s learning environment is a series of games at different levels. Along with the AI functionalities, including image and voice recognition, kids can learn basic STEM skills quickly and interactively. They can program Codey Rocky as an interactive robot by following the instructions in the software.

If you want to give your children opportunity to DIY their own robots, mBot is the one that’s all about fun and creativity. The smiley-face robot can connect to more than 100 kinds of electronic modules. This robot is compatible with multiple add-on packs and parts. By following the tutorials and guidelines found on our website, children can build a robot from scratch. Just like building LEGO structures, children program the robot with mBlock software by simply dragging, dropping, and combining command blocks. From mBot to Ultimate 2.0, the configuration of each product produces a smooth learning curve from beginner to expert coder for each kid.

stem robot gift

STEM Robot Gift – Airblock

Looking for a gift that is cool and distinguished from common robot toys?  Makeblock’s Airblock and Neuron will definitely surprise your kids with their unique look and function.

No matter whether your kids want a drone or hovercraft, Airblock’s magnetic assembly functionality can achieve it. Kids just need to install the Makeblock app on their phone and code with mBlock, and their cool flying robot is ready for take-off.

Makeblock Neuron combines over 30 electronic blocks, including Wi-Fi, camera, voice sensor, and infrared sensor. Kids can assemble blocks freely to “invent” a new use for the blocks. From an automatic light switch to automated fish feeder, kids can build hundreds of applications with Neuron. Their potential for invention and programming are tremendous.

Choosing educational robots as a Christmas gift will not only excite your kids. Likewise, those robots will have a profound, positive impact on their personal development. Visit Makeblock’s website or Amazon to discover our full product lines for your Christmas shopping.


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