Makeblock is pleased to announce the release of a new transformable robot: MotionBlock. This fully programmable robot is designed for young learners (ages 14+), and is suitable for use at home or in the classroom. It is now available for purchase on the new Makeblock Store.

Featuring a modular and programmable design, MotionBlock makes robot building easier and allows your creativity to run wild. Geared with intelligent servos, MotionBlock is flexible and can mimic bionic movements. With the handheld synchronizer and the built-in motion recording function, you can directly teach your robot any new action! Through mBlock and Makeblock App, you can also code for all sorts of other tasks.

Create as you like

MotionBlock also has a five-modules series with powerful functions. The unique modular design enables users to add more abilities to the robot, such as precise movement, ejection, grabbing, rotating, and swinging. Use different combinations of the modules to make the robot do all kinds of things. This design makes it easy to use and unlocks near-infinite creative possibilities.

The innovative “swallow-tail connectors” allow creators to quickly and easily change form factors. Young learners experience the gratification of hands-on construction without the frustration of overly-complex build processes.

While the kit includes 10 guided builds, including animal-like robots such as a dog, and a snake, it also includes fully functional robots such as a Robotic Arm, Pitching Auto, and more. Its modules can be added, swapped, or removed to create DIY robot designs. The possibilities are endless. 

Powerful Performance

MotionBlock is equipped with smart servo motors designed and produced by Makeblock.

With these high-performance smart servos, MotionBlock produces accurate and flexible motion that authentically mimics natural biological movement.

The intelligent servos geared in MotionBlock may be small, but they pack a punch. Offering a maximum torque of, 360° continuous rotation and a high angle precision of up to 0.088°, they allow the robot to perform precise movements. You can also define your robot’s movement through motion recording or coding. Additionally, combined with the handheld synchronizer, you can design pro-level motion for your robot from the get-go. High-torque servos and strong connections ensure professional robot performance.

High-torque servos and strong connections ensure professional robot performance.

Learn through play

MotionBlock comes with build cards and resource guides to guide young learners with step by step directions. Alternatively, MotionBlock’s modular design tools allow for open play and exploration. By following the quick start guide, you can easily connect the robot to your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth and start playing.

Using the Synchronizer, you can manually control the robot’s motion without using any software. Additionally, the Master Control supports one-click recording, allowing the robot to store customized movement. With just one click, the robot can repeat actions you have taught it. All of this can be done without coding.

Creations can also be programmed with basic graphical programming such as Scratch via the mBlock App. Even users with no coding experience can quickly program the robot to perform tasks by dragging coding blocks with the software. Users can switch to Python with just one click or program directly in the Python editor via mBlock.

MotionBlock’s modular design and smart servos allow for quick, simple and flexible construction without sacrificing creativity or range of design possibilities.

With MotionBlock, programming becomes interactive, exciting, and fun! It’s now available for purchase on the new Makeblock Store