educational coding robots for kids

Spring break has just ended, and your kids are back in school. But just when you think school is going to keep your kids busy, here comes summer break, right around the corner.

Let’s be honest. It’s always a little bit of a struggle during summer break. Your schedule just doesn’t match your kid’s schedule. Their school friends might be traveling, and there are no more play dates or sleepovers for a while. It might be easier to let your kids hang out with a smart device and indulge themselves with games and TV, but are there any better options?

An increasing number of parents have realized that kids can take advantage of the summer holiday and learn new things. Some of them have turned to coding robots for better company for their kids. It sounds like a great idea, but it also comes with a question: how do you choose the right coding robot for your kids?

coding robots for kids

First, the coding robot needs to be age-appropriate, which means it should be easy for your kids to play with and understand. Also, the coding robots have to be entirely safe for your kids to interact with. Last but not least, it’s important to choose coding robots created by professionals and experts who know what they are doing.

With these things in mind, many parents have been drawn to Codey Rocky by Makeblock. It is a coding robot that is specifically designed to provide an easy and enjoyable learning experience in programming and AI for children ages 6 or older. Makeblock, a leading STEAM education solution provider in the industry, has been spoken of highly by industry leaders as well as customers. You can count on Makeblock to create the best educational robot for your kids and make the upcoming summer holiday the coolest they will have.

Smart Robot for Beginner Coding and AI Learning
Codey Rocky is the Smart Robot for Beginner Coding and AI Learning

We want to say learning to code is not just about developing a skill, but it’s also a way to develop logical thinking. In the process of learning to code, kids are introduced to other approaches to problems and get an initial understanding of STEAM concepts. More importantly, playing with coding robots can help kids nurture an interest in STEAM fields, which could eventually lead them to pursue a career in a relevant industry.

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