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5 New Robot Toy Kits for 2018

Toys are no longer limited to stuffed animals, dolls, and so on. The newest generation is trending toward educational toys in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, to get ahead these days. Moreover, computation is, for sure, one of the most important...

Introducing Makeblock Neuron Creative Lab Kit

Neuron Creative Lab Kit We are excited to announce that the Makeblock Neuron Creative Lab Kit is available for purchase starting today. With more than 30 electronic building blocks, the Creative Lab Kit brings children even more possibilities in bringing their ideas...

Daniel Budd’s Journey of Integrating Robotics with Education

In the last couple weeks I have tested out the new Makeblock’s Codey Rocky in my classroom. I have utilised the mBot extensively and created coursework for Swift Playgrounds so I was excited to see there was a new robot released with similar functionality.

Understanding what robots can and can’t do allows complex technology to be demystified, as my students have used and built robots in the classroom they are beginning to identify common sensors such as light, colour, ultrasonic, temperature and infrared which are available in educational robotics platforms.

Learning Lab Kobe gives Codey Rocky a first try

The biggest thing for me about the Codey Rocky is the controller head. The panda head of the robot is also a game controller with 3 buttons, a volume controller, USB-C port and a power button. It’s loaded with

Basically, if my kids create a Scratch-style, block -based game on mBlock5, they can program it to play it with the panda controller head (instead of a mouse or keyboard).

To me, that functionality immediately raises the potential of the Codey Rocky ten fold. The reemergence of retro-styled games, like Flappy Bird, Minecraft, and mobile apps, means that my students would kill to be able to create a video game that can be played with an actual controller.

I’ll be posting a video about this soon…as soon as I figure out how to code my own version of Flappy Bird in mBlock 5.

Makeblock Supports the Growth of STEAM Education at Code Haven Project Faire 2018

Code Haven is an organization founded by 16 Yale University engineering undergraduates in 2016. They provide coding workshops for middle school students in New Haven, Connecticut. The organization conducts online lessons, group activities, and class wide demonstrations. By 2017, the organization has grown to 25 members and serves nearly 100 students throughout New Haven’s school district.

Introducing The Storytellers Project

We’re so excited to be introducing the first part of The Storytellers Project by Laura Boffi. This project aims to create a community of senior readers who volunteer to hold remote reading aloud sessions for children and their families. A robot called ‘Storybell’,...

The Art of Krzysztof Parda’s Magic Cube Machine

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. At least, it used to be. At Makeblock, our mission is to make technology so easy to understand and use that everyone can turn their ideas into real, working projects — or their own personal kind of...

The Hero of Today: A 6-year-old Programmer

new robot toy Profile for a Superb Cutie Name: Wang Binghao Nickname: Qiu Qiu Age: 6 Skills: Programming, Soccer, Chess, Spanish, etc Location: Metro Detroit, Michigan, USA Here is a question for you: At the age of 6, what were you doing? For kids at this age in...

A journey to the east for Scottish maker Martin Goodfellow

Hello Shenzhen, Hello Makeblock programmable robot Preface Recently, with the economy and consumption upgrade, the manufacturing industry is facing new challenges. Shenzhen has rich manufacturing resources. How to transform the huge capacity into better economic...

A Passion for Jazz – How to DIY a Vintage LP Player

STEAM educationRecently, many people are concerned about the hot film 《La La Land》. The hero’s love for jazz, and his persistent pursuit of dreams set an romantic tone for the film’s OST. Moreover, they give more imagination of the La La Land for audiences. The...