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Save up to $500 on laser machines, or save up to 16% on each single STEM coding kit by bulk purchasing!
Together with Makeblock, reflect, grow and see how can we do better in the new semester!

Save Big, Level Up

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Get up to $500 reward when you upgrade your classroom with xTool laser machines

TypeYou receive
xTool P2 Edu Bundle$500 Reward
xTool F1 Edu Bundle$300 Reward
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Buy More, Double the Savings
from 5% to 10%

For Makeblock main kits only, not for accessories.

TypeYou receive
Buy 1-2 Same Items at Once5% off on each item
Buy 3 and More Same Items at Once10% off on each item
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Save Big, Level Up.jpg__PID:5f6b5e2b-7873-44cb-8b97-ac86ffd5886b

Get up to $500 Reward when you trade in any laser machine and upgrade to:

TypeYou receive
xTool P2 Edu Bundle$500 Reward
xTool F1 Edu Bundle$300 Reward
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Perform Better with xTool Laser Machines

xTool P2 Edu Bundle场景图.jpg__PID:d76fd023-ab6b-42d7-bb5b-f8010888797fxTool P2 Edu Bundle.jpg__PID:8eab2fb6-f891-4a4d-87f2-cb7ca45f5cdb

xTool P2 Edu Bundle

CO2 Cutting King

Special Offer: from $4639 $5439

Save up to $500 
xTool P2 Edu Bundle.jpg__PID:2118a3b8-d76f-4023-ab6b-02d77b5bf801

Best Choice If You Need

· 55W powerful CO2 laser
· 26" X 14" Bed Size
· Dual HD Camera
· Support Autopassthrough™ up to 118" Long
· Cut Acrylic in All Colors
· 20mm Max. Acrylic Cutting Thickness One Pass

xTool F1 Edu Bundle场景图.jpg__PID:d023ab6b-02d7-4b5b-b801-0888797f2941xTool F1 Edu Bundle.jpg__PID:2fb6f891-fa4d-47f2-8b7c-a45f5cdbcb2b

xTool F1 Edu Bundle

Fastest and On-the-Go

Special Offer: from $1759 $2059

Save up to $300 
xTool F1 Edu Bundle.jpg__PID:a3b8d76f-d023-4b6b-82d7-7b5bf8010888

Best Choice If You Need

· 10W Diode Laser + 2W Infrared Laser
· Expandable 4.5" X 15" Working Area
· 4000mm/s Engraving Speed
· 6mm Max. Basswood Cutting Thickness One Pass

Code Beyond with Makeblock STEM Coding Kit

Makeblock mBot2.jpg__PID:fd2221f2-52f5-4149-abf0-4f0de46f37b9

Makeblock mBot2

Learn AI Concepts by Coding & Playing

Bulk-purchse Price: from $125.99 $139.99

Save up to $14 per item when buying in bulk

· Scratch and Python teaching
· Voice remote control
· Environmental sensing
· Precise movement
· Support for AIoT smart application

Makeblock mBot Ranger.jpg__PID:d5c0e515-9c79-4a1d-b913-03fa4118564c

Makeblock mBot Ranger

Explore Outdoors with RC Robotics Kit

Bulk-purchse Price: from $$148.49 $164.99

Save up to $21.5 per item when buying in bulk

· 3 robot-building methods
· Scratch and Arduino teaching
· Learn in-depth robotics
· Supports expansion with third-party electronics

Makeblock CyberPi Go Kit.jpg__PID:e5159c79-fa1d-4913-83fa-4118564c68ef

Makeblock CyberPi

DIY Smart Project with Electronics Kit

Bulk-purchse Price: from $117.89 $130.99

Save up to $13.1 per item when buying in bulk

· Scratch and Python teaching
· Built-in sensors for DIY fun
· Learn game design
· Expand through easy plug-and-play
· Support for AIoT smart application

School Terms End, Let's Reflect and Grow

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Sears think[box].jpg__PID:9cf80309-295c-4764-82bd-084d68275c74
Robot Academy.jpg__PID:97e44418-1d31-4796-86f5-c89cf8030929
Sherri Kushner.jpg__PID:31d796c6-f5c8-4cf8-8309-295cd76402bd
Smart Kids.jpg__PID:1d31d796-c6f5-489c-b803-09295cd76402
Sears think[box].jpg__PID:44181d31-d796-46f5-889c-f80309295cd7

Simple Process to Enroll

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Claim for a Reward

Fill out the claim form and let us know which machine you prefer to upgrade your classroom with. That's all!

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Receive your reward

We will carefully review your application within 24 hours. Once it's been qualified, your reward will be sent via a confirmation email. Don't miss it!

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Upgrade Now and Save Big

With the reward, you can now get up to $500 off your order. Maximize using your use-it-or-lose-it budget to upgrade your classroom!

Save Big on STEM Coding Kit with Auto-Applied Discounts.png__PID:ca33fd90-c494-45b7-aa94-df6a91ba7b01Save Big on STEM Coding Kit with Auto-Applied Discounts-1.png__PID:33fd90c4-9455-47ea-94df-6a91ba7b0185
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Double the Discount Automatically

Add your favorite kit to the cart, then see the discount applied automatically; Add Item number to 3 to see the discount doubled in the cart!

Claim My Reward for Laser Machine

Complete the form below to unlock your educator-exclusive discount reward for Laser Machines.

Beyond Big Saves,
You also have the following reason to upgrade to xTool Laser Machines

The Best-Ever Performance. Our innovative solutions empower your creation and business in all aspects.

It's Truly Designed for All. Unleash your creativity with the most User-Friendly XCS laser software.

It's Our Priority to Keep You Safe. Transforming industry safety standards with our world-first Fire Safety Set and more.

Reliable Product Quality. 100% testing scenarios coverage and 7 rigorous inspections before shipping.

All-in-One Solution. Take yourself out of prep with complementary lesson plans, materials, software, and communities.

All-in-One Solution. Take yourself out of prep with complementary lesson plans, materials, software, and communities.

Chosen and Loved by 200,000+ customers. We're proud to serve each and every one of you.

More Reliable and Supportive


Professional Customer Service. We are ready to help you before and after sale.


Our 500+ staffs in R&D team ensure all cool features work and every product built to last.


Items Stocked Locally. Enjoy 3-7 Days Fast Delivery.


Including a Big One - Let's Trade for Good

We won't require you to send back your machines.

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Lower Carbon

Upcoming Long-Term Charity Program.jpg__PID:6b5e2b78-7354-4bcb-97ac-86ffd5886b50

Upcoming Long-Term
Charity Program

However, we encourage you to donate it to someone in need, if the machine is in a good shape. Together, we can make a positive impact by fostering a community where creative freedom thrives!

* A long-term charity program is coming soon.

Quick Answers About Trading In Online.

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Let's Answer Your Questions

About Special Offer for Bulk Purchases of STEM Coding Kit

Add the product of your choice to the shopping cart and the discount code will be automatically applied.
Save 5% on this item. Pick now.

About Claiming Rewards for Laser Machine

Every educator in the United States can apply for the reward.

About Purchasing and Learning Resources

The offer is available by the end of June 30th, 2024(PT). Please remember to apply this coupon to the cart before getting a quote or checking out.

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Real Feedbacks, Real Successes


Real Feedbacks,
Real Successes


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