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Makeblock CyberPi: Educational Electronics Kits for Beginners to Learn Programming

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CyberPi Go Kit



Contains Makeblock CyberPi Go Kit

    CyberPi Go Kit+ Somatosensory Game Coding Box



    Contains Makeblock CyberPi Go Kit and Somatosensory Game Coding Box
    • Makeblock CyberPi Go Kit
    • Somatosensory Game Coding Box: Step-by-step Coding Tutorial Covering Game Development

    CyberPi Project-based Coding Kit

    New! STEM Projects with FREE Lessons



    Contains Makeblock CyberPi Project-Based Coding Kit
    • Makeblock CyberPi Project-Based Coding Kit:Allow Kids Learn Electronics and Coding through STEAM Projects
    • Extra Bonus: Includes 34+ Online Lessons to help kids learn electronics and programming (12 Online Lessons for CyberPi Project-Based Coding Kit and 22+ Online Lessons for CyberPi)

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    Makeblock CyberPi: Educational Electronics Kits for Beginners to Learn Programming

    Makeblock CyberPi: Educational Electronics Kits for Beginners to Learn Programming

    $59.99 $69.99

    Rich Learning Materials

    Cater to diverse learning styles of next generation of coders

    Projects-codey rocky.webp__PID:403380fb-b8a5-4971-a4ba-016315e64c70

    12+ Free Basic Courses

    CyberPi Project-based Kit required

    Learn how CyberPi interacts with the real world and gain an in-depth understanding of robotics and programming. 12 real-world projects such as "Smart Trash Bin" or "Autonomous Vehicle".are 100% suitable for young makers.


    22+ Free Basic Courses

    Only CyberPi required

    Learn what CyberPi can do to build a solid foundation for DIY programming projects. Create fun projects from scratch, such as "intensity meter" or "chase game". 100% suitable for beginners.

    Designed for Early Learners

    Step into the CS world

    Pocket-size computers help students understand how computer systems work and develop a love of computer science.

    Rich coding practices

    Experience the vibrant world of programming with the onboard full HD screen, empowering kids to excel in game development, data analysis, and storytelling through vivid animations, images, and text.

    Intuitive concepts

    Explore scientific concepts beyond textbooks with built-in sensors offering rich input and output effects. Shake to learn "Acceleration" and bring clarity to scientific learning.

    Game-scenario teaching

    Coding boxes strike a balance between challenge and fun, as kids can enhance their coding skills through character design and experience the joy of sharing their game creations.

    Project-based learning

    Experience the simplicity of connections and the richness of interactive effects, empowering every young creator to apply their knowledge to hands-on projects with ease.

    Educator resources

    Free lessons, tutorials, and case studies to take the stress out of STEM teaching and improve professional skills.

    Empowered STEM Learning

    Explore rich concepts

    Use CyberPi's built-in sensors to detect and respond to inputs from the physical environment, then convert them into a human-readable display! Easily understand physical concepts such as velocity and acceleration.

    Dive into programming

    Write code, analyze and act on data collected by sensors in CyberPi's intuitive environment. Let's program and design a somatic game together!

    Experiment and discover

    Use CyberPi to collect data from the physical world and then analyze it to inspire greater insight into life's phenomena!

    Create interactive projects

    Using CyberPi and other materials to create DIY electronics projects, students can put their wild ideas into practice and solve real-world problems.

    Go Further with Your CyberPi Go Kit

    CyberPi add-on_1.webp__PID:58020fe8-8a5e-4094-ba37-e86b27cde052
    CyberPi add-on_scenario_1_MO.webp__PID:abc48ec4-6892-4e92-a643-eb2840c3c7ac
    CyberPi add-on_1.webp__PID:58020fe8-8a5e-4094-ba37-e86b27cde052

    Project-based Coding Kit

    Discover intuitive learning through our meticulously crafted STEM projects: an auto-driving car, an oscillating fan, and a smart trash bin. Bid farewell to dull textbooks and embrace the excitement of project-based education.

    Download the Course

    CyberPi add-on_scenario_1.webp__PID:befc512c-3b1b-4b21-927d-17a2628e769b

    Learn More about Each Coding Project

    Somatosensory Game Coding Box is a perfect companion for the CyberPi, which serves as the mainboard for mBot Neo.

    coding games for kids

    mBot Neo + Coding Project Boxes*4

    Create a customized robot by inputing commands to make it complete obstacle avoidance, line following, and sensor application. Or create video games by programming and play them through a series of fun interactions!

    coding books for beginners

    mBot Neo + Somatosensory Game Box

    Create video games by programming. Play them through a series of fun interactions with CyberPi (shake, move, tilt). Design your own games by easily adjusting parameters, characters, etc.!

    coding games for kids

    mBot Neo + Al Science Box

    Create immersive human-machine dialogue scenarios (e.g., translation) by programming commands in mBot Neo for voice recognition and AI replies.

    best coding games for kids

    mBot Neo + Data Science Box

    Create video games by programming. Use the mouse, keyboard, and display on CyberPi to collect, organize, and analyze data in gamified scenarios.

    Beat the Little Monster

    Skillfully wield a hammer to strike down monsters as they swiftly appear in the game. Meanwhile, master game development basics like character sensing, tracking, and movement.

    Feeding a Unicorn

    Control a hungry unicorn to catch apples falling from the sky. Master the use of angle input and create more with this function!

    Giraffe Looks for Friends

    Help the giraffe meet its friends faster! Unlock the usage of the accelerometer and timer to add more excitement to this game!

    Warrior and Ghost

    With somatosensory input via CyberPi, shoot the stars to attack the ghost while skillfully avoiding its fiery flames. Use your knowledge of programming and game development to complete this challenge!

    mBlock - The Best
    Programming Software

    20 million+ teachers and children all over the world are using mBlock as their best programming app.

    mBlock is a free and open-source software supporting block-based coding and Python programming.

    mblock coding software

    mBlock has strong capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things supporting various coding projects.

    free coding software

    mBlock is available for multiple devices and systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

    android ios windows mac linux
    mblock coding software is available for multi-devices
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    What's Included

    Group 51.webp__PID:24a9a27c-9e48-44ec-8047-923243eef582

    Electronic components

    Other materials

    Learning material

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