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Makeblock mBot Neo: Beginner-friendly Coding Robot Kit

Ready-to-learn projects
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5 hrs
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mBot Neo



Contains Makeblock mBot Neo Robot
  • Makeblock mBot Neo: Beginner-friendly Coding Robot Incudes 4 Step-by-Step Basic Coding Project Tutorials

mBot Neo+Coding Project Boxes*3

Top Pick! Explore More Fun



Contains Makeblock mBot Neo Robot and 3 Coding Project Boxes
  • Makeblock mBot Neo: Beginner-friendly Coding Robot Incudes 4 Step-by-Step Basic Coding Project Tutorials
  • 3 Coding Project Boxes: Includes 11+ Step-by-step Coding Learning Tutorials and Projects Covering AI, Data Science, Game Development and More

mBot Neo+Smart World Add-on Pack



Contains Makeblock mBot Neo Robot and Smart World Add-on Pack
  • Makeblock mBot Neo: Beginner-friendly Coding Robot Incudes 4 Step-by-Step Basic Coding Project Tutorials
  • Smart World Add-on Pack: Enjoy Building Fun with 3 More Robot Forms in One Set!

mBot Neo+Smart World Add-on Pack+Bluetooth Controller



Contains Makeblock mBot Neo Robot, Smart World Add-on Pack and Bluetooth Controller
  • Makeblock mBot Neo: Beginner-friendly Coding Robot Incudes 4 Step-by-Step Basic Coding Project Tutorials
  • Smart World Add-on Pack: Enjoy Building Fun with 3 More Robot Forms in One Set!
  • Bluetooth Controller: Control Your Robot with Ease

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Makeblock mBot Neo: Beginner-friendly Coding Robot Kit

Makeblock mBot Neo: Beginner-friendly Coding Robot Kit

$137.49 $149.99

Rich Learning Materials

Cater to diverse learning styles of next generation of coders

Activities-mBot Neo.webp__PID:2dc4de43-b608-4997-9e88-142ff5c5a486

Christmas Song Game Ideas

Sample code included

Turn the mBot Neo into a Christmas carol singer in just 3 steps: assemble, connect and play! Easily tweak the notes and play <Name that Christmas Tune> at family gathering with just a little bit of code!

Download >

Projects-mBot Neo.webp__PID:6997de88-142f-45c5-a486-d1ef263a8441

8+ Free Basic Courses

Lessons plan and hands-on activities included 

Suitable for knowledge-oriented learners and homeschooling practitioners. In fun-filled environment, learn computer science, coding, and STEM from concepts to applications.


33+ Free Learning Cases

Animated GIFs guide included

Suitable for hands-on explorers. In task-oriented environments, learn coding and robotics by doing.

Download >

Unbox & Reviews

"Will it [Neo] lose the path if it [a piece of white paper covering a black line] is right there?...Yeah!"

Coles channel


"I'm basically make a robot he's gonna speak something special and then he's gonna dance play some music and dance"

Fella Aleks


"If you are a parent for example and you want to do this as a project with your kid it's gonna be a great family project."

Toys 4 You JucariiPentruTine


See mBot Neo in Actions

mBot Neo on-screen coding.webp__PID:459ba1a0-75de-45ef-bbb0-35ab822eb3bf

Immersive self-study

image 2.webp__PID:39cc8d84-42e9-4b05-8c38-9bd57e774b06

Crazy-fun coding activity

image 3.webp__PID:cc8d8442-e9fb-454c-b89b-d57e774b0651

Work together as a team

image 4.webp__PID:8d8442e9-fb05-4c38-9bd5-7e774b065111

Amazing gifts for kids

mBot Neo on-screen coding_MO.webp__PID:71ef2c00-c30f-4e4e-a723-1d8c4d93fe3d

User Story

image 5.webp__PID:8442e9fb-054c-489b-957e-774b06511161

Inspire children's potential with mBot Neo!

mBot Neo has joined Guayaquil's STEAM education program, which will comprehensively enhance the teaching of science, technology, engineering, art, and math to students in 100 academic institutions, providing them with better employment opportunities in the future.


Robotics & Building Quality

Precise motion controls

Emotion expression

Speech recognition

Fun-filled building

Coding Experience

Free use of coding software

Coding languages

Durable Performance

Aluminum alloy

Max play time

What's Included

PC-What's Included.png__PID:4c8d83fd-6965-4047-a5b4-78aff553f8bf

Electronic components

Building components

Other materials

Learning resources

Learning resources.png__PID:42f0391d-8531-4bd4-84cc-0926d0073ecd

Go Further with Your mBot Neo


Smart World 3-in-1 Add-on Pack

This 3-project add-on pack is designed to take your little one's building skills to the next level! 56-page building guide, 21 high-quality aluminium building parts and enough assembly components included.

Smart-world add-on scenario.webp__PID:954020e4-163f-4e5d-8f85-7d7db23832d3

Learn More about Each Coding Boxs


3-In-1 Coding Project Boxes

Create a customized robot by inputing commands to make it complete obstacle avoidance, line following, and sensor application. Or create video games by programming and play them through a series of fun interactions!

Somatosensory Game Box

Create video games by programming. Play them through a series of fun interactions with CyberPi (shake, move, tilt). Design your own games by easily adjusting parameters, characters, etc.!

Al Science Box

Create immersive human-machine dialogue scenarios (e.g., translation) by programming commands in mBot Neo for voice recognition and AI replies.

Data Science Box

Create video games by programming. Use the mouse, keyboard, and display on CyberPi to collect, organize, and analyze data in gamified scenarios.

Product Specifications

Mechanical materialAluminum alloy
Main controlCyberPi
Processor Xtensa® 32-bit LX6 dual-core processor
Clock speed240 MHz
Extended storage (SPI Flash)8 MB
Extended memory (PSRAM)
8 MB
Onboard sensor
Light sensor, microphone, gyroscope, accelerometer
Other sensorsUltrasonic sensor, quad RGB sensor
Coding languageBlock-based, Python
Battery (included)Built-in rechargeable LiPo battery
Battery capacity2500 mAh 
Playtime≈ 5 hours
Charge time1 hour
Rotational speed1–207 RPM
Maximum external electronic modules8 motor & servo ports
10+ sensor ports
Communication modeUSB, Bluetooth, 2.4GWi-Fi
Compatibility500+ Makeblock electronic & mechanical parts, LEGO bricks

Let's Answer Your Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Jean Mouawad
mBot2 is the best educational Robot ever Created

mBot2 can be coded in mblock (scratch) or python. It has lot of useful features
It is compatible with more than 20 sensors

Brad bradbury
MY son loves his Mbot Neo

My 7yr old started programming in Scratch this year. The mBot Neo is great becuase he can see his programming work live. The bot was easy to assemble and we quickly hopped into the built-in programs to see what it can do. Now he can code all of the different lights and sensors and program how it moves. This robot is affordable, durable, easy to use, and has advanced options for long-term use. We have been talking about getting the add-on arms for more functions.

Donahue McCarthy

Line tracking, display of data on the screen or even dancing robots! Perfectly equipped for the progressive learning of programming and robotics in elementary, middle and high school, the programmable and modular robot mBot2 from Makeblock Education is easy to demonstrate, robust, efficient and responsive.

Paula Tuttle

Didacta exhibition, Germany, 2022
two different projects from partners present at the exhibition. One is an mBot2 using wheels 3D printed with a soft polymer, the other is an mBot2 with a wireless charger attached to the bottom of the robot.

Spring Vincent

Lets Start Coding

Mick Shakespeare

Love his passion for everything robots. @makeblock #mbot #neo

Jeffrey Stansell
LOVE the mBot robots!

This company keeps making great products for teaching robotics to young children. I have used these many times with Summer Camp, afterschool clubs and teams. Kids love these robots!

Peter Eugene

Every day better than yesterday... We were born to fly and everything is possible with hard work and perseverance...

Cleveland Harte

Have a nice day

Evangeline Spender

Keep eating plums.