Bluetooth Controller

Bluetooth Controller


Bluetooth Controller features 15 buttons and 2 thumb sticks for a more flexible Makeblock robot control.
1.Programmes made to serve for selected Makeblock products.
2.Customize control operation by defining each button.
3.Anti-interferent operation during robotics competition.



mBot (Bluetooth Version), mBot Ranger (Bluetooth Version), Airblock, MotionBlock, and Bluetooth Module in Maker Platform.


Technical specifications

Bluetooth version:Support 4.0+
Data transfer distance:20m
Working current: ≤25mA
Emission power:4dBm
Data transmission:≤100ms (Low-latency streaming)
Battery: 2 AA  batteries
Support OS:MacOS / Windows
Package dimension: 170 × 110.5 × 54 mm(L × W × H)
Product dimension: 149 × 88 × 46 mm(L × W × H)



Bluetooth Controller User Manuel (PDF)
Programmes and Operation Guide for Adapted Makeblock products (Zip File)