Getting Started: Control your robots with mobile Apps

After you wired up your creation, you may download one of these mobile Apps provided by Makeblock.

Most of these apps need a smartphone with Android or iOS operating system. Your phone need to have Bluetooth to work with Makeblock robots. Specifically, it needs to be iPhone 4s or above, iPad 3rd generation (includes iPad mini) or above, or Android phones/tablets shipped with Bluetooth.

All the software is available at our download page.

mBot (iOS, Android), as its name suggests, are used to control mBots. It have a joystick to move the robot around; it can trigger auto-driving modes in mBots; and it can drive mBot by tilting or shaking the phone.


Makeblock app (iOS, Android) can be used to control motors or read sensor values. It is quite flexible – users can design their “control panels” for their robots by dragging components around. It is ideal for DIY users.


If you have iPads, mBlockly provides a light-weighted environment to learn some basics of programming with mBot and the iPad.



Next Steps

Programming with mBlock


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