Makeblock HD

– Controlling your first robotics with fun & Visual programming to define your STEAM toys

More than a robotic controller, Makeblock HD is a powerful tool for users to realize their creative ideas rapidly.


Providing more than ten Control Panels, users can control Makeblock robots (including mOmega Robot Kit, mBot Ranger, mBot, Starter Robot Kit, Ultimate Robot Kit and other robots utilizing Makeblock mainboards) easily via those Control Panels.


For every mainboard, there are more than 30 predefined modules, which can control different sensors or execute various commands . Arrange those simple control modules and settings in any combination you choose, you can drive Makeblock robots as you wish. You may even create your own control panels.


Furthermore, Users can customize their own control modules to control different sensors or execute different commands with mBlockly (Drag-and-drop style programming similar to Scratch). Makeblock HD makes programming robots as easy as using building blocks.


If you’ve used Sphero MacroLab, orbBasic, Scratch, Hopscotch, Tynker, and Blockly , you’ll fall in LOVE with Makeblock HD.

Rocking your robots with Makeblock HD!

For users who don’t have any Makeblock robot, Makebblock HD V2.0 will set defaulted robot as mBot Ranger with mainboard (Me Auriga).The 30+ control modules may not support all Makeblock robot yet; mBot Ranger is fully supported, and more support on Makeblock products is coming.


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