mBot App for Mobile



(Please note, mBot App is no longer updated, please download Makeblock app and mBlock Blockly app for mBots)

mBot App is a free App that specifically designed for mBot robot. It’s an easy way for users to pair cellphone with mBot by Bluetooth, we could play with mBot immediately, without programming and updating the firmware.

What is mBot robot? mBot robot is a high cost performance, easy to run robot kit for students to achieve the STEM project. You could use Bluetooth to connect mBot with cellphone easily, the App has integrated main functionality of mBot, which contains motion control, automatic line-tracking, ultrasonic obstacle-avoiding, buzzer, RGB LED and so on.

Turn on your mBot, make sure it is with Bluetooth .Then open the Bluetooth of your smart-phone.

 (1)Find your mBot and connect it


When the radar icon is green, you can control your mBot via smartphone Screenshot_2016-03-02-12-25-05-885_mBot

(2)Manual Mode



(3)Obstacle Avoiding Mode

Under Obstacle Avoiding Mode, mBot will move and avoid obstacles automatically.



(4)Line- Following Mode

Under Line- Following Mode, mBot will move and follow the black track automatically.You can find the map of black track with ‘8’ in your box. Screenshot_2016-03-02-12-25-23-548_mBot


(5)Gravity Control Mode

Under Gravity Control Mode, you can control mBot via changing the position of your smartphone with gravity sensor. Screenshot_2016-03-02-12-25-30-510_mBot

(6)Shake Mode

Under Shake Mode, you can control mBot by shaking your smartphone. The quicker you shake, the faster your mBot moves. Choose the orientation (forward or backward) for your mBot , then shake your smartphone as quickly as possible. Screenshot_2016-03-02-12-25-36-908_mBot It provides a soft way to experience mBot for users who have no programming knowledge, and you can even held a mini mBot Robot Soccer Tournament with your friends!

If you want to learn more about mBot, welcome to visit our website: http://learn.makeblock.com/mbot/




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