Me PM2.5 Sensor

1.Product Description

The PM2.5 sensor uses laser scattering theory to detect atmospheric PM2.5.  It features high-precision detection, rapid response and steady operation, with minimal errors. The sensor can detect a range of PM1.0 to PM10.

PM2.5 refers to atmospheric particulate matter with a diameter less than or equal to 2.5 micrometers. The longer it is suspended in the air, the higher its concentration will be, representing increasingly severe air pollution and harmfulness to human health.

This  module interface is blue, indicating the dual-digital interface needs to be connected to the blue interface on the mainboard.


2. Assembly Procedure


Step 1

1 ×   PM2.5 Sensor

1 ×   PM2.5 Cable




Step 2

1 ×    PM2.5 Sensor Circuit Board

2 ×   Black Rivets




Completed form


3. Usage Instructions

mBlock – PM2.5 Gas Sensor Extended Instructions

Me PM2.5 sensor supports mBlock programming. If you use the PM2.5 sensor by mBot (mCore mainboard), then you need to install a custom firmware. To install custom firmware, click here. After installing the firmware, refer to the following procedure to use the PM2.5 sensor.


Step 1:  Run mBlock software. Under the Extensions menu, select extensions manager. Then download PM2_5;


Step 2:  After download , make sure the PM2.5 extension is selected under the Extensions menu;


Step 3:  Use the block;



4. Performance Parameters

Supply Voltage: 5V DC

Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 65°C

Control Mode: Dual-Digital Interface Control

Particulate Measurement Range: 0.3 ~ 10 um


5.PM2.5 Sensor Schematic diagram

Click here to download.


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