MegaPi Pro Encoder/DC Motor Driver


This module can drive two DC motors or one encoder motor. It can be easily installed on MegaPi Pro and MegaPi by 2×8Pin insertion.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor driver: MP8049S
  • Motor channel: 2
  • Minimum operating voltage: 6 V
  • Maximum operating voltage: 12 V
  • Logic voltage: 5 V
  • Rated operating current of each channel: 3 A
  • Peak operating current: 5.5 A
  • Module size: 30 mm×15 mm (L×W)


  •    Supports motors with operating voltages of 6~12 V.
  •   Provides operating current up to 3 A (peak current up to 5.5 A) for 12 V power supply.
  • The module has over-voltage protection, over-current protection and over-temperature protection to comprehensively ensure use safety.
  • Allows you to drive one encoder motor (white interface) or two DC motors (green interface).
  • Provides colorful male and female sockets to prevent mis-insertion.
  • The encoder motor driving terminal has reverse electromotive force protection (TVS protection).
  • The module is small in size and easy to be replaced.

Wiring mode


Programming Guidance

MegaPi Pro DC motor programming:

This program serves to make the DC motor rotate counterclockwise for 2s, stop for 1s, and then rotate clockwise for 2s, stop for 1s, and repeat the cycle.

mBlock programming:

Arduino programming:

Relevant module information

MegaPi Pro:


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