Makeblock mElephant 3D Printer

What is mElephant?

Makeblock mElephant 3D Printer is a new generation of 3D Printer from Makeblock with high-precision and extensibility.



  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame for long-time use
  • Works with both Cura and Printrun;
  • XY resolution as 0.1mm, and layer resolution as 0.1-0.3mm for high-accuracy.
  • Support extending with additional parts in Makeblock platform.
  • Use it for prototyping, printing art crafts, models, sculptures, and toys.


How to use?

Also you can find the video guide from How to install Arduino driver and Cura , and find the video guide from How to generate Gcode to learn.

If you need the Marlin firmware, Please find it from Marlin of Elephant.


Finally, you can enjoy your 3D printing,  turn the idea into reality!




  • Q1: The Z axis gets stuck or unsmooth printing during the printing, how to do ?

A1:If  the Z axis gets stuck or unsmooth printing caused by the nozzle of the printer head during the printing, you can visit mElephant 3D Printer Debugging Operation Method for more information.



中文用户请参考:Makeblock mElephant 3D打印机 用户指南.


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