mGiraffe 3D Printer Kit


What is mGiraffe?

mGiraffe is a new type of delta 3D printer DIY kit based on Makeblock platform. Consisting of an open hexagon linkage structure and powerful electronic control system, mGiraffe is devoted to bring you extraordinary 3D printing experience.



1. A DIY 3D printer all built by yourself to experience the charm of 3D printing

2. Animated assembling manual create a rich user experience

3. Automatic leveling system prepares you to start 3D printing quickly

4. Mechanical structure combining with powerful electronic modules for better print performance


Part List:

You can find “Part List” in flie 1, or  mGiraffe Part List to know all the parts better.

1(2) 散件图

Note:  The SD card in mGiraffe stores animated manuals, driver instruction, and LCD screen operation videos,step by step. You may need to use a SD card reader to view all of instructions, so as to begin your journey with the mGiraffe.


NOW,  it’s time to start 3D printing journey with mGiraffe. You may be according to below step by step.

1. Assembling Instruction:

Please follow file 2. Animated Assembling Instruction included in SD card to assembly all mechanical parts together,  or you can also find mGiraffe Animated Assembling Instruction from youtube to assenbly your mGiraffe.


2. Electric Wiring:

Please follow file 3.Electric Wiring Diagram included in SD card to connect the electronic module,  or you can also find mGiraffe Electric Wiring  from dropbox to assembly your mGiraffe.


3. Install USB driver & Cura:

Please follow file 4.Install USB driver & Cura included in SD card to find USB driver & Cura, or you can also download  mGiraffe_USB Driver&Cura from dropbox to install.

driver & Cura

At the same time,  Please follow video “mGiraffe_Install USB Driver&Cura” in the same file 4 to install USB driver & Cura, or find mGiraffe_ How to Install USB Driver&Cura from youtube to install.

4. Debugging:

Please follow file 5.mGiraffe Debugging & LCD Screen Catalog to find “mGiraffe 3D Printer Debugger” and “LCD Cataloge” , or find mGiraffe Debugger and LCD Cataloge from dropbox.


And then,  according to video “mGiraffe Debugging Instruction”  in file 5 to debug, or find  mGiraffe Debugging Instruction  from youtube to debug.



5. 3D Printing:

After debugging,  please refer to file 6. 3D Printing in SD card, or find How to begin 3D Printing   from youtube, Now you can use mGiraffe to 3D print.



6. 3D Printing Show: 




Q1: I just received my mGiraffe. Where can I find instructions for this printer?

A: The Micro SD card in the tool box stores instructions for mGiraffe, including an animated user manual, software and driver files for you to download and install, instruction of how to use the software and the LCD screen cataloge, and video to help you debug the printer. Please use the card reader in the tool box to view all the instructions.

Q2: There is a very big card in mGiraffe box. What is it for?

A: It is a part list card. This card will help you distinguish all the parts and assemble mGiraffe in a quick way.

Q3: How to fix the clogged nozzle?

A: Please clean the nozzle by the 0.4mm needle in the tool box. Heat mGiraffe up to 180℃, then insert the needle into the hole of nozzle to clean the nozzle up and down. See the steps in the video.

Q4: Why mGiraffe stays at room temperature and is not heating up to the temperature I set?

A: Please check whether the heating resistor has been wired correctly.

Q5: The filament doesn’t come out of the nozzle smoothly or the filament stuck inside the nozzle. How to fix this?

A: There are impurities in low-quality filament which may clog your nozzle, hence we suggest you buy high-quality filament from other stores or buy original mGiraffe filament.

Q6: After using the filament for two months, the printing performance isn’t very good and the filament doesn’t come out of the nozzle smoothly. Why?

A: The PLA filament can react with water, which will affect the filament natural properties. The original filaments in mGiraffe includes silica gel packs and they are sealed off from the atmosphere. We suggest you use up all filaments within 1 month after opening the package.

Q7: After using other kind of masking tape, the filament cannot stick to the masking tape very well. Why and how to fix this?

A: The masking tape in mGiraffe is used to increase friction so as to help the 3D printed objects adhere to the printing platform better. Low-quality masking tape may fail to provide enough friction.

Q8: Why the LCD screen shows nothing after inserting the micro SD card?

A: Press the reset button under the LCD screen to restart the screen.

Q9: After heating up mGiraffe, I cannot send the filament through the nozzle and one cooling fan is rotating. How to fix this?

A: There are two cooling fans in mGiraffe: one is to cool down the extruder, the other is to cool down the printed objects. When heating up mGiraffe, if the right cooling fan rotates, exchange two fans, then you will be able to send the filament through the nozzle.

Q10: I’d like to add hot bed to mGiraffe. What should I do?

A: There is a hot bed interface on the right side of the heating resistor interface. If you want to upgrade the hot bed, please upgrade the original 12V/5A power supply in advance. We suggest you use a 12V/10A power adapter or switched-mode power supply.

Q11: Do I have to put mGiraffe on flat surface?

A: We suggest you place mGiraffe on a flat surface in order to level the printing platform. Additionally, make sure not to put the printer in high places, otherwise the printer may fall down and cause injury.

Q12: How to maintain mGiraffe after assembling?

A: (1) Check if the screws in mGiraffe are loose and tighten the screw regularly if needed.

(2) Lubricate the fish-eye joint of mGiraffe regularly.

(3) Power off mGiraffe if it is not going to be used for some time.

(4) Try not to use mGiraffe to print for a very long time.

Q13: Specifications?


Q14: After watched the video manual, but still don’t know how to assemble the open-end timing belt?

A: The timing belt plays a vital role in the transmission of the 3D printer as well as for print accuracy. If you still don’t know how to assemble after refer to video user manual, please refer to this video.

Q15: Where can I get the Marlin firmware for mGiraffe?

A: Please download Marlin for mGiraffe.

Q16: Where can I download the 3D printer debugger for Mac?

A: Download mGiraffe 3D Printer Degubber for MAC.


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