Starter Robot Kit ( Bluetooth Version )

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Building Instructions
Working with mBlock
Working with Arduino IDE
Further Exploration
Electronic Add-on Pack
Robot Arm Add-on Pack


This Kit is a great choice for learning robotics, electronics and Arduino programming.
It contains motors, Makeblock Orion controller, ultrasonic sensor, Bluetooth module (dual mode), structural parts, and hardware for you to start exploring the robot world, it can be used to build a robot tank or a three-wheel robot car.
The Me series electronic modules are easy-to-use, very friendly to beginners.

Part List


Building Instructions

Please follow paper instructions included in this kit to put all parts together, or download instruction ( PDF ) below.


Please refer to the illustration below to wire.



You can download the bluetooth control App to by scanning the QR code, or visit to know more details. If there’s some problem with the App, please check “Help” in it.

bluetooth app



Working with mBlock–Hack the Physical World

The Starter Robot Kit supports mBlock perfectly which allow you reprogramming your robot by simply drag and joint the blocks of mBlock. No more difficult coding.

mBlock is a free modified version of Scratch 2.0 developed by MIT Media Lab, mBlock add some hardware-related blocks in the original Scratch, with these blocks, users can read sensors, control motors and even a whole robot.

Besides blocks for the basic microcontroller functionalities, analog and digital writes and reads, PWM outputs. There are also blocks for each specific electronic modules, such as ultrasonic sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor, DC motor driver, stepper driver, etc. With these blocks, it’s simple to interact with many kinds of electronic modules.

Visit the following URL for more details:

Working with Arduino IDE–Learn Programming the Fun Way

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible , easy-to-use hardware and software.The Arduino software consists of a development environment(IDE) and the core libraries. The IDE is written in Java and based on the Processing development environment.

Visit the following URL for more details:

Further Exploration


Electronic Add-on Pack for Starter Robot Kit

The Electronic Add-on Pack is to expand on your Starter Robot Kit. There are 8 electronic modules in it. With this add-on pack and Starter Kit, you can create a lot of cool project. You can also implement several projects in Inventor Electronic Kit.

robot arm add-on

Robotic Arm Add-on Pack for Starter Robot Kit-Blue

Robot Arm Add-on Pack serves to transform your Starter Robot Kit to a robotic-arm tank. It contains all parts you need for building a robotic arms, including DC Motor-37, Robot Gripper, beams, timing pulleys, and hardware.

Q: How to reset default program for Starter_Bluetooth through mBlock

A: Step 1. Please keep the buzzer be turned off, show as the following picture:


Step 2. Reset default program via mBlock, as follows:

  1. Download the latest mBlcok in this link and decompress it。
  2. Power off the Starter robot and connect it to PC with USB cable:2
  1. Install the mBlock software and open it, then choose the Me Orion under Board:3-1
  1.  Choose the correct Serial port of Starter Robot under Connect-> Serial Port: (Here my Starter Robot’s serial port is COM3, and you can check your Starter Robot serial port under your computer’s Device Manager->Ports (COM&LPT))4-15-1
  1. Then choose the factory program for your device by going to Connect->Reset Default Program->Starter, then Close when it shows Upload Finish.3

Step 3. After reset default program, please pull out the USB cable, power on the device and you can drive it through mobile APP (connect with Bluetooth).

Note: Above Steps take Windows PC for example, if your PC is Mac, you need pay attention to two points bellow:

1. Before reset default program, need install a driver for Mac, here is the link to download the driver:

2. When choose Serial port under Connect->Serial Port, please choose /dev/tty.wchusbserial1410.

Q: Starter goes reversed direction.

A: There are different conditions:

  1. When you press left, the robot goes forward, and when you press right, the robot goes backward, you have to change the position of the two yellow terminals.
  2. After that, if the robot still works weirdly, for example, when press forward but runs backward, but backward when press forward. you have to change the black and white wire. Please take note, please change one once a time, after that, if the situation still exist, please try another one.

Q: Bluetooth can’t be connected.

A: Bluetooth can’t be connected, which includes below conditions:

  1. Neither “Makeblock” nor “Makeblock_BLE” can’t be found in your bluetooth list at all;
  2. “Makeblock” / “Makeblock_BLE” can be found, but never did you get paired;
  3. The App/Software interface showed getting paired, but the Robot cant work.

To the first condition, there should be a quality issue, you can contact for replacement.

To the second condition, it may be a compatible problem, which is a little complicated.

  • A.If you are using iPhone 4S or below, due to the limitation from the Apple protocol, which can’t connect;
  • B If you are using Android system below 4.2 (include Android 4.2), please try to connect Bluetooth via setting in your mobile, not via mBlock software. At the same time, choose “Makeblock”, not “Makeblock_BLE”.
  • C If you are using other superior system or iPhone mode above 4S, you can connect Bluetooth via the mBlock software directly.

To the third condition, you may have to check all the other parts, make sure the assemble is correct, make sure the battery is brand new. If all is fine, but robot still cant work, you can contact for repacement.

If you cant connect bluetooth with your Phone or computer, you can try to connect via setting in your Phone or computer, not via mBlock software. Please try both “Makeblock” and “Makeblock_BLE”. If still cant bluetooth be connected, you can contact for replacement.

Q: Why is the Reset Default Program option on mBlock is always grayed out

A: Please check if you are using the latest version mBlock, if no, please download the latest version  in this link:

Q: Whats the difference of IR version and the Bluetooth version?

A: for the Starter, no other difference, IR version use a remote controller, and bluetooth use by bluetooth connection.

Q: Motors dont work well.

A: Kindly do the testing as below:

  1. Install driver software in your computer, please download at here: [Windows] Driver Installer
    [Mac OSX] Makeblock Orion 
  2. Install mBlock (mBlock is a graphical programming software developed from Scratch 2.0) Here is the download address.
  3. Connect your robot to your computer via USB cable. Check serial port (COM #) in your computer’s device manager.
  4. Select the appropriate board type in “Boards”. (Here please select Me Orion)
  5. Select correct Serial port, click Connect, and then click Upgrade Firmware. (As below picture)
  6. After uploading firmware, please turn on your robot (battery should be installed), select “File-Load Project”, upload control.sb2 (73.3 KB)the project file.
  7. Try to control your robot with arrow keys in your PC keyboard.

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