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Modular and programmable flying robot

I would like to buy an Airblock , but I still have some concerns.

Q1: Can I connect Airblock with my phone or iPad via Bluetooth?
Yes, you can connect Airblock to phone or iPad to use Makeblock app to control it.
Q2: Can I use Makebliock app to directly control Airblock without writing code?
Yes, you can. Each form of Airblock has its specific control interface, you can connect and play directly.
Q3: What can I do with Makeblock bluetooth controller?
With the Bluetooth controller, you can control the Airblock without using the phone or iPad.
Q4: Do I have to buy Makeblock bluetooth controller separately?
Yes, you need to buy the Bluetooth controller separately. Airblock only supports the Bluetooth controller provided by Makeblock, so we recommend that you purchase it from Makeblock.
Q5: What's the effective range of bluetooth communications?
The ideal distance should be within 10 meters. Pay extra attention to the distance of 8 meters when the Airblock is driving on water.
Q6: How do I charge Airblock? How long does it take to charge Airblock? And how long does the battery last?
The Airblock package includes a charger. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge Airblock. In the Aircraft mode, the battery can last for 8 minutes, 20 minutes in the Hovercraft mode, and more than 20 minutes in the DIY mode, depends on how many modules are working at the same time.
Q7: Can I buy modules and accessories separately?
Yes. You can buy the modules, the propellers or the battery separately. You can go to local online stores or contact our distributors to buy the items you need.

I have purchased an Airblock , but I have issues with its use.

Q1: How can I connect Airblock modules in the correct direction?
One of the modules is red at the bottom of its propeller. This is the head module. Pick it out. Then connect other modules as shown in the User Guide which you can find in the package.
Q2: Why won't Airblock fly with protective cases in the Aircraft mode?
In the Aircraft mode, you don’t need to use the protective cases. Protective cases are necessary only in the Hovercraft mode. Please read the User Guide before you get started and follow the instructions.
Q3: The bluetooth connection succeeds but nothing happens, or the mainboard won't work properly. What should I do?
Open the Makeblock app, find Airblock control interface, and tap Firmware Update. Try again after the update completes.
Q4: What if the takeoff or landing is not smooth?
Open the app and connect your Airblock via Bluetooth. Enter the “Play” interface and find “Calibrate” button at the upper right corner.
Q5: Can Airblock travel on water in the Hovercraft mode?
Yes, Airblock can work on water. But please make sure there’s no wind or wave. And be careful the motor should not be splattered. Regarding effective range of Bluetooth communications, please keep Airblock within 8 meters, otherwise you might lose control of it.
Q6: I connect Airblock to the app and use directions keys to control Airblock. But it always results in deflections. What's wrong?
You need to check if the modules are connected correctly. Please read the User Guide and follow the instructions to connect the modules.
Q7: Does Airblock have any online guides?
Yes, it has. Access online guides at the website: https://www.makeblock.com/support
Also, the app has built-in video tutorials.
Q8: Where can I download the graphic building guides for Airblock add-on packs?
Access the graphic guides at the website: https://www.makeblock.com/support

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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