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Early childhood education robot
Firmware Update


Do NOT format mTiny on a Mac. Doing so may cause damage to the robot.

How to update firmware

1. Prepare for the update

2. Download the firmware update package

3. Use the USB cable with the mTiny icon to connect mTiny to the computer.

4. After the connection is established, the computer will recognize mTiny’s disk. Open it, and you will see a folder named “system”.

5. Right-click the folder “system” and select “Delete” to remove the folder.

6. Extract the update package. In the extracted directory, find the folder named “system” and the file “audio_mcu_firmware.MVA”. Copy and paste the folder and the file into the root directory of mTiny’s disk.

7. Click “Eject” to disconnect mTiny from your computer and remove the USB cable from mTiny.

8. Restart mTiny and the tap pen controller, and the update will start automatically.
The update might take 3 to 5 minutes.

There will be a prompt sound when the update is done.

During the update process, mTiny will automatically check its connection with the tap pen controller and the current battery level. The update might stop if the conditions are not met. If the process stops, please pair mTiny with the tap pen controller again or charge the battery.


Q1: What age is mTiny suitable for?
4 years old+
Q2: How does mTiny help develop my kid's logic and reasoning skills?

This product integrates the theory of multiple intelligence into its design. It aims to develop kids’ all-around skills (Direction, Creativity, Social…) by encouraging them to interact with the cute robot. As a screen-free kit, mTiny enables kids to develop their logic and reasoning skills through various engaging hands-on activities.

mTiny applies to many settings. Kids can use the step-by-step storybook both at home and preschools. Using interesting stories as background, such as looking for various gems in the“Treasure Trail”. Kids need to identify their exclusive tasks, find the shortest path to get their stones. During this exploration, kids learn to decompose tasks and snap coding cards to figure out the optimal solution. In this way, they develop logic and reasoning skills step by step.

Q3: Is mTiny safe and eco-friendly enough?

mTiny uses food-grade silicone on its surface, making it 100% safe for young children.

Moreover, mTiny has excellent durability. It will not break even if dropped from 1 meter, protect kids from debris.

Q4: I bought many mTiny kits. But sometimes paring these mTiny with their companion tap pen controllers could be a mess. What can I do?
mTiny automatically pairs with its companion tap pen controller under factory settings. If paring fails, you can refer to our Safety Guide to see the Pairing section. Follow the steps to complete the paring procedure.

If each mTiny successfully pairs with its companion controller, we recommend you use stickers or any other ways to label them so that you can easily distinguish between them.

Q5: I bought the new maps that just came out, My World and Treasure Trail. But mTiny didn't response to the maps. How to fix this?

For this problem, please update your mTiny’s firmware. Refer to the guide below to see how to update it.