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mBot Neo

Learn Python AI & IoT


Redefine Laser Cutter & Engraver
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NextMaker Box

Monthly Delivery | Fun Projects | Intuitive Online Learning

NextMaker Box sparks your child’s creativity with a new project each month. Kids will build, code, and learn new skills while having fun!

Meet mBot Robot Family


mBot is a STEM coding robot for your kid, that makes teaching and learning robot coding simple and fun.


A Multi-form Land Explorer


Building Robot for Makers

More Coding Fun With Add-on Packs


Add-on Pack for mBot


Add-on Pack for mBot


Add-on Pack for mBot

Interactive Light & Sound

Add-on Pack for mBot


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STEM Coding Toys, for Family Fun

mTiny Genius Kit

A Screen-Free Smart Toy with Interactive Adventure Map!

Codey Rocky

Give your Kid Endless Fun with 10+ Programmable Electronic Modules!

3D & Laser tools for Makers

Make Ideas Happen.

Desktop Laser Cutter

Empowering Creativity.

Smart Leveling Versatile 3D Printer

Award-Winning Toys and Robots

Makeblock is known globally for well-made products, earning multiple international awards in industrial design.

Coding Software for Kids

APP for Robots

Get in the game with your mBot.

mBlock 5

Used by 1.6 Millions Kids & Makers.

Coding Community for Kids

Empowering Kids with supportive Coding Projects

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“Teach Kids about robotics”

Makeblock produces kits to teach children about robotics.And from time to time they hold 24 hours competition to get new ideas.

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“Learn in a FUN Way”

Makeblock’s products and software are designed to teach children the language of computer programming in a fun way.

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“Supreme Modular Design”

Think of small, LEGO-like robots that students can control by writing simple lines of code.

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“Well Designed - Easy to Use”

I am impressed with the frustration-free design of the mBot. The makers have really come up with a product that is easy to build and promotes creativity.

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“Awesome Intro Robot”

This is a good introduction to robotics and a great platform for learning programming and the Arduino.

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“Well made, fun, and durable”

Awesome intro Robot for 9-year old daughter.

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“Wide Possibilities”

“Multiple robots can be created from the included materials, so the possibilities are as wide as your child’s imagination. ”

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“Head Start on 21st Century Job”

“Parents looking to give their kids a leg up in school and a head start on the 21st century job market have a new option in Makeblock’s platform.”

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“Much more sophisticated”

“Compared to t-slot aluminum beams, Makeblock is much more sophisticated. It has threaded grooves running along the length of the beams”

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