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mBlock 5
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mblock blockly

mBlock Blockly
Game-based Coding App

mBlock 5

All-in-one coding platform tailored to coding education

A powerful coding platform developed based on Scratch 3.0 is specially designed for robotics, STEM, and coding learning. By supporting block-based and Python language, mBlock 5 allows users to create games and animations freely and to program Makeblock robots and more open-resource hardware. This software features cutting-edge technologies such as AI and IoT, making it the perfect coding software for educators, students, makers, and kids.

mBlock 5 Coding Features

Block-based programming

Easily step into coding

Scratch is a programming tool MIT developed and credited as the most globally influential programming language for children. Based on Scratch 3.0, mBlock 5 is designed as versatile and user-friendly as Scratch 3.0. Besides, mBlock 5 offers more possibilities with features like Python coding, AI, and IoT.

One-click switch to Python

Text-based coding is a natural progression for users already versed in block-based coding.

Text-based coding is a natural progression for users already versed in block-based coding. With mBlock 5, users can easily switch to Python coding with only one click—no need to change or switch between different software. The transition of different coding languages is seamless.

Introduce AI into coding learning 

Give your creativity an edge with mBlock 5’s cutting-edge technologies

mBlock 5 integrates Microsoft cognitive services and Google deep learning into one tool. These functions can help children to learn more, such age guessing or playing rock-paper-scissors games. Learners will master cutting-edge technology and knowledge in a fast and easy way.

Powerful IoT applications

Help children create freely, but based on reality

mBlock 5 comes with cloud services that are specially designed for IoT teaching. By working with robots or electronic modules, you can create fun IoT projects such as Weather Reports, Autonomous Plant Watering Robots, and Smart Lighting. mBlock 5 bridges the physical and digital worlds.

Makeblock App

All-in-1 APP controller for Makeblock robots

Makeblock App provides a comprehensive robot control experience once completed the building process. Makeblock App remote controller includes several ways of robot control such as voice-control, draw-to-run, and more.

Requires iOS
9.0 or above

Requires Android
5.0 or above

Makeblock App Features

Remote control robot in different modes

Drive robot to play indoors and outdoors

Code for your own robot

With built-in controls and block-based programming, you can program your robot in unique ways.

Step-by-step constructing guides

3D building guides help users to get started with robots quickly.

Extensive gameplay

Expand your robots with add-on packs for even more fun.

mBlock Blockly App

Gameplay coding learning app

mBlock Blockly game-based app can get users started with basic programming knowledge by playing games.

Requires iOS 
9.0 or above

Requires Android
4.3 or above

mBlock Blockly App Features

Learn programming at home in just 10 minutes per day

Courses designed as game levels designed by education professionals makes learning to program with robots incredibly fun and easy!

Block-based programming

Coding is as easy as block building. Coding robots perform simple tasks through drag-and-drop coding blocks.

Game-based learning

Complete simple and challenging tasks and improve confidence in learning coding through coding games.

Step-by-step learning guide

The well-design guides provide clear instructions for beginners.

Bring your robot to life

Turn your robot into your companion.

Share Coding Ideas in our Global Community

Explore global coding projects and get inspired from around the world.

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