How to buy via Purchase Order?

To ensure a smooth ordering process, we have prepared the following instruction manual for your reference. Please review the instructions carefully and follow them when placing orders with Makeblock.

Request for Quote

1. Add the desired items to your cart and click the Educators: Get Your Quote button

2. Provide accurate customer information, delivery address, and contact details. Press Request for Quote

3. Click Download Quotation and Download W9 to get the quotation and W9. You will receive an additional email from

Place Purchase Order

1. Click Pay With PO contained in the email to enter the page for uploading PO.

If you want to pay directly by Credit Card, please click the hyperlink shown in the picture

2. Upload the requested documents: 

     a. A PDF of your Purchase Order
     b. A PDF of School District/School's W9
     c. A PDF of your quote. (If you did not obtain a quote prior to submitting your PO, that's okay! Just let our team know that you don't have a corresponding quote).
     d. Your tax exempt certificate for the shipping address. (No tax exemption certificate to ignore)

3. Carefully read and agree to the PO term of service. Click Submit

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact



Request for Quote

Quotation Notice

1. An email has been sent to you containing the quotation file and all other important files. Please check your mailbox.
2. The quote is valid for 30 days. Please generate your Purchase Order within this period. If the quote expires, a new quote will need to be generated.

Download W9

Download W9

More Support

If you need more help, kindly mail to vendor: