Top 9 Online Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (Free Online Coding Games Included)

 Jan 1, 2024  | Makeblock

Among all the fads that were long gone before most of us ever got a chance to try them, coding for kids is one of the few that have stayed. Coding keeps getting more attention from parents, schools and educators. The importance of coding for kids is probably even greater than you thought.

Why Your Child Should Learn to Code?

1. Coding allows children to interact better with the highly digitized world today where you can make almost anything happen on smartphones, laptops and touchpads. For kids who are still in school, coding is likely to help improve their academic performance. When students code and debug, they are training their logical thinking and executive abilities.

2. Coding also helps kids better their communication and collaboration skills. To command the computer, children have to break down complex problems into more manageable parts, then organize, synthesize and input these parts in a way that the computer can process them without mistakes. This helps improve the child’s logical communication and concise writing ability.

4 Tips Make Kids Learn to Code Effectively


With all the benefits that coding can offer, we also have to admit the fact that it can be difficult. Especially with young children, you have to take the time to figure out the best way to teach them to code. Here are the top 20 YouTube channels for your kids to start learning to code. These YouTubers are definitely able to be a good teacher for kids to start learning to code.

1. When it comes to introducing kids to programming, it is better to start with only baby steps. Putting a 6-year-old through a C++ class is obviously way too overwhelming and will destroy their interest in a snap. So, let kids participate in a coding activity and see their reactions first.

2. Visualization helps make complex concepts easier to understand. Witnessing what a line of code can actually do can ignite a spark of creativity in kids and make it possible for them to develop a better understanding of coding.

3. Also, the parent’s participation is a way to spend quality time with their children and help them learn better. Besides, according to Dr. Payne, the author of Teach Your Kids to Code, children under the age of 8 learn best with a bit of supervision.

4. Last but not least, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to make learning code fun for kids. They are more engaged if the learning is entertaining and enjoyable. If they can feel happy doing it, they are more likely to participate again and learn faster!

When it comes to entertainment and fun, what can be more of both than games? That is why coding games for kids are created and are gaining more and more popularity over time. Here are nine online coding games for kids we’d like to suggest for you.

Top 9 Coding Games for Kids (Free Online Coding Games Included)

1. mBlock

mBlock 5 coding software

mBlock is a programming software designed for STEAM education by Makeblock. Through the Scratch 3.0-inspired drag-and-drop interface, coding is just as fun as playing games! Plus, mBlock is compatible with many custom hardware and extensions and allows kids to make their creations, which brings the fun games from online to offline, screen to reality.

2. Scratch


Scratch was created by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. It’s a free online coding game for kids that allows players to create their own interactive stories, games, and animations. If users want, they can also share them with the online community. It may seem a bit intimidating at first; however, it only takes a bit of time and practice for kids to learn the basics of the system before they experience the fun of it.

3. Blockly Games

blocky games turtle

Google has been very supportive of the coding community. Blockly Games is another great coding-related project that includes a series of seven coding games for kids. Different games serve the purpose of introducing kids to some of the fundamental concepts of coding. For example, Bird teaches conditionals and Turtle introduces users to loops.

4. Blockly: Maze

Blockly: Maze

Blockly: Maze features a drag-drop programming interface that simplifies the learning process for kids. This game was created based on Google’s Blockly (see previous entry) as a perfect introduction for younger children. If your kids are new to coding games, Blockly can be a great start.

5. Tynker Coding for Kids

Tynker Coding for Kids

Tynker offers a lot of useful online resources to help kids learn to code. Though most of their coding games for kids are subscription-based, their online gaming community has 10 free levels and 20 free activities that children aged 7+ are encouraged to participate in. The coding games were designed to include players of all levels, and ease them in with a graphic programming interface and then move gradually up to more advanced and complex languages, such as JavaScript and Python.

6. Code Combat

code combat

Code Combat does a good job of combining competitive online games with teaching coding to kids. This coding game allows players to control their actions with lines of code. As the game progresses to more levels of difficulty, players are required to have more coding knowledge. In order to keep playing and winning the game, players will have to learn more about coding and then return to the game to continue. By playing the game, they are able to practice what they have learned and improved their coding skills.

7. CodeMoji


CodeMoji walks a fine line between coding lessons and coding games for kids. The interactive lessons they offer include many emojis kids are familiar with and love. The game’s lessons are completely self-paced, which gives kids room to digest the knowledge they just learned.

8. CodinGame

coding game

This game requires a certain level of coding knowledge from the players. If you are looking for an entertaining and effective way to hone your child’s coding skills, CodinGame is an option to consider. This free coding game helps students practice by solving puzzles and participate in coding battles using languages such as Python, Ruby, Java and more. While designed for kids, professional computer programmers will enjoy the game as well!

9. CodeMonkey

code monkey

CodeMonkey is more gamified compared with other online coding games for kids. The game’s story is that the player helps a monkey take back bananas stolen by a bad gorilla. In order to do it, players have to solve varieties of puzzles using programming languages. As the game progresses, it becomes gradually more challenging. The game offers a free 30-day trial.

The popularity of coding for kids is on the rise all around the world. Having realized this trend and the perks that follow for their kids, an increasing number of parents are looking for solutions to help their children kick off the journey.

However, there are still many questions to be answered before you start searching for a solution. For example, what is the best age for your kids to start learning to code? How do we choose the most appropriate language? What resources are there for you and your kids to take advantage of? At the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves, how do we as parents help them learn to code? You might be able to find answers here in this blog – Coding for Kids: The Ultimate Guide for Parents.

The Coding games for kids is one of the most effective, cost-efficient and family-friendly ways to teach kids computer programming, especially when some of the games are free. It’s worth trying! Which one of nine recommended coding games for kids is your favorite? Let us know!

3 Coding Robots for kids

1. mBot


mBot is an ideal educational robot toy for beginners, children, or adults, to build with and code. It has four expansion ports and can connect to more than 100 types of electronic modules. This makes it possible for users to create hundreds of different “robots.” With mBot, coding for kids can become a play time by simply dragging, dropping, and combining command blocks using the Makeblock app.

activities mBot

Makeblock mBot: Kid's First Robot Kit for DIY and STEM Learning


2. mBot Mega

See mBot Mega

Makeblock mBot Mega is an advanced 2-in-1 robot kit and electronic kit. It is equipped with mecanum omnidirectional wheels and is based on the powerful Mega AT2560. This allows you to connect to more than 10 servos, 4 stepper motors, and 8 DC motors. mBot Mega is equipped with 7 sensors, 4WD mecanum wheels, and 1 Bluetooth module. It is ideal for Arduino beginners and pros for learning electronics, robotics, and programming languages.

projects mBot mega

Makeblock mBot Mega: Smart Remote Control Robot Car for Kids to Learn through Play


3. mBot Ultimate

mBot ultimate

Ultimate by Makeblock is an advanced programmable robot kit that is more suitable for kids aged 14-16 years old who have some basic knowledge of coding and robotics. The kit consists of over 550 mechanical parts and provides a comprehensive range of features. The kit also includes 10 custom robots that genuinely make the possibilities for maker combinations infinite—everything a kid needs to make their ideas come alive.

projects mBot ultimate

Makeblock mBot Ultimate: 10-in-1 Robot Building Kit for Students


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