21st-century activities: Meet mBot Mega – An advanced Robot Kit that is Born for Maker

The Makeblock mBot Mega is an advanced 2-in-1 robot kit equipped with mecanum omnidirectional wheels and is based on powerful Mega AT2560. This allows you to connect to more than 10 servos, 4 stepper motors and 8 DC motors. The mBot Mega is equipped with 7 sensors, 4WD mecanum wheels, and 1 Bluetooth module. It is ideal for Arduino beginners and pros for learning electronics, robotics, and programming languages. Here are some great features.


Limitless alternatives available 

The robot is equipped with a Makeblock app and 4 mecanum wheels. It may move in practically any direction without performing any rotations. You can enjoy smooth driving by using the all-terrain car and enjoyment may be doubled with the use of remote control. What is even more interesting is that by using the right programming, this coding robot is possible to learn mobile algorithms and related knowledge about omnidirectional movement. You should create a file for yourself containing guidelines for specific programs and how one learns from them. This will make it easier for you to learn. You can share this file online with your friends but first take it and convert to PDF. This will allow people to read it easily.

Uses the powerful Mega 2560

The mBot Mega comes with strong motor-driving capabilities and it can be expanded as well by using the powerful mainboard MegaPi. This robotics kit is capable of connecting with 10 servos, 4 stepper motors, and 8 DC motors at the same time. This allows easier implementation of higher-order functions. Mega will never be limited to a car shape however it may be transformed into a robot arm or a spider robot or whatever else suggested by your imagination.

Matches perfectly with Raspberry Pi

Together with Raspberry Pi (which is not included) , the robot can use just a single click to connect to your computer. This facility allows it to develop fantastic tech and robotics projects along with IoT and AI projects. It provides an immersive introduction to technology you can expect in the future.

Supports Arduino-based sensors and open resources 

By using the mBot Mega open resources you can explore a countless number of programming possibilities. The Arduino IDE with an open schematic for MegaPi provides you the capability to create freely. This robotics and electronics robot supports almost every kind of Arduino-based sensor providing an affordable and yet rich mechanical customizability. You can use this machine to fuel your creativity and to learn.

Easy to start with 3 preset modes

After completed the assembly of mBot Mega, you can keep track of hours worked so you know how much time you spent on it. Then you can enjoying the product by using the 3 preset modes it offers. They are obstacle avoidance, gesture recognition, and line follow. The robot is durable and variable both due to its modular mechanical design having mounting holes.


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