5 New Robot Toy Kits for 2018

Toys are no longer limited to stuffed animals, dolls, and so on. The newest generation is trending toward educational toys in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, to get ahead these days. Moreover, computation is, for sure, one of the most important skills for children to adopt in the future world. Besides that, companies today are creating a whole new generation of robotic toys that teach children the basics of programming. Our experts selected five of the best new robot toy kits for 2018:

Robot Toy Kits—Codey Rocky

Our editor’s top pick is Codey Rocky from Makeblock. It is ultimately the most advanced smart robot for beginner coding and AI learning. It comes in two parts: Codey, the detachable and programmable controller; and Rocky, the car programmed to carry Codey anywhere. The robot has 10 or more built-in, advanced electronic modules, including sensors, an infrared receptor, LED display, sensors, and more. Besides that, Codey Rocky can be programmed to function in a wide range of fun ways. It can be programmed to design games that improve children’s comprehension abilities, including creativity, art, music, and logical thinking. With the exceptional mBlock 5 software, kids can easily learn coding languages, such as Python, and AI functionality, such as voice and face recognition.

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Robot Toy Kits—Rokit Smart Robotics kit 

This kit can transform itself into 11 different kinds of robots, from mouse to sumo bot. Kids can play and engage with it for long hours. The product is safe for kids to learn to code without any risk of hurting themselves.

Robot Toy Kits—LittleBits 

A robot relevant to Star Wars is always what children want to create. Because children can control it by using in-app controllers and can also take it apart to make it into a new robot to perform new tasks by using the coding that the kit teaches kids to use.

Robot Toy Kits—ZeroUI 

ZeroUI first appeared on Indiegogo, which is a programmable robotics kit for kids. In addition to teaching kids to code, the product comes with a “smart” glove that controls the robot. The app identifies hand gestures that control the robot. The robot works with Alexa, which enables kids to control the robot using voice actions.

Robot Toy Kits—Koov

Sony soft-launched Koov on Indiegogo, which is an educational coding robot. Koov is a set of sensors, blocks, and other components that enable a kid to build a robot. With an app that has 23 pre-built designs, kids can easily learn coding and building robots while playing.