9 Best Robots for Kids | Ultimate Guide

If you are picking a gift for kids, robots will always be the perfect choice for kids of all ages, genders, or personalities! Robots for kids can serve as STEAM teachers that offer kids fantastic learning and playing activities. No matter if you are searching for a home buddy for kids, or a "teaching assistant" in classes, you can check this ultimate guide to buy tailor-made robots for kids.

We will unfold the factors of a perfect robot for kids from the following dimensions and pick the 9 best robots for kids at last. Try to solve your puzzles for your select difficulty symptoms, and simplify the prolific buying choices for robots for kids!

Why Buying Robots for Kids is the Best Choice?

1. Robots can accompany kids when you are busy

If you are a parent, it's normal that you are too busy with your work or chores to look after your kids all the best. Or you are a teacher that has the responsibility for too many kids in one class and afraid to ignore any single one's learning result. Don't worry, robots for kids can make up the time you are not there!

2. Robots can attract kids' attention from other disturbances

Kids lack concentration at this stage. It's hard to attract their attention, especially when we want them to learn something. They are always attracted by things new, colorful, and lively. They may also want to play with their friends or their toys. However, robots can be their learning toy friend with whom kids are willing to spend all their time, energy, and attention.

3. Robots can make learning fun through multiple STEAM activities

Unlike other service robots at home, robots for kids usually offer multiple STEAM activities, which are science, technology, engineering, art, and math. STEAM is essential for kids' development. However, it's hard to keep coming up with novel STEAM activities and carrying them on to your kids all by yourself. Robots for kids are now equipped with thousands of STEAM activities. So no more worry about your kids' comprehensive development after purchasing good STEM robots for kids!

What are the Most Important Factors in Buying Robots for Kids?

1. Your Kids' Preference

Though there are tons of technical measures to evaluate a robot, as it is picked for kids, the most important factor is indisputably related to your kids' preferences. You may ask what robots they want directly. But considering that kids may not be able to describe their dream robot clearly (or sometimes kids describe robots that are too fancy and magical to buy), and also, kids change their preferences a lot, or, you may want to give kids a surprise without telling them you will buy robots for them. Thus you may have to infer your kids' preferences by your daily observation and understanding of your kids' personalities, it's a sweet test for you!

2. Your Kids' Age

Age growth leads to many changes. Robots for kids hold different levels of difficulty. For example, coding robots for kids aged 3-4 may use screen-free coding cards and teach some basic math, music, and science. And robots for kids at older ages are more suitable for coding robots that kids can practice programming languages like Python and Scratch. Moreover, kids at different ages may adore different robot appearances, sounds, and motions.

3. Robots' Qualities

One thing parents and teachers care about most about robots for kids is safety (is it safe for kids) and quality (can it survive under kids' destructive power). You may check the robots' materials before shopping, is it plastic or metal? Is it eco-friendly or even food-grade material? For kids' safety, it's never too much to think twice before making decisions.

4. Robots' Features

You should care about the features of robots for kids. What function do you want for kids? Do you want it to play with your kids to expand kids' endless energy? Or do you want a robot with a camera to help you look after your kids? Most of the time you may need robots with comprehensive functions that can teach your kids while playing with kids.

9 Best Robots for Kids Picked for You

Age above 3

1. mTiny

Smart Panda Robot for Preschoolers to Learn Coding, Music, Math, and Language.

Certified for pedagogical quality by "Education Alliance Finland" and awarded a design award by "Reddot", mTiny robots for kids aged 3-5 are screen-free, and no connection to a PC or smartphone is needed. The tap-to-code interaction pen enables remote control, command, play games, and learn to code. mTiny also uses eco-friendly and nontoxic materials to ensure the safety of smart robot toys.

With the adorable panda look, this emo robot is fascinating to toddlers. mTiny robot toy for kids will be the perfect gift for all boys and girls!


Robots for Kids

This cute and fun robot comes in 2 parts. The upper part is a cute robot with a pair of LED eyes that can be adjusted for gestures. At the bottom is a pair of tank rails. In addition, we have adopted exquisite packaging for this robot. This would be a great birthday or Christmas gift for kids.


Robots for Kids

If you are looking for the ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, or holidays, you will love our robot toys for kids. Playing with family and friends is always exciting and everyone can have fun with GILOBABY. It is made of kid-friendly ABS material, BPA-free, durable, and smooth edges without burrs, protecting kids' hands.

Age above 6

4. Codey Rocky

Smart Robot Toy for Interactive Playing and Learning

Codey Rocky is an educational robot toy for kids, which has a cute panda shape that will interest all kids. If you interact with the emo panel, this emo robot will show rich emotions, like smiling or anger. Children can easily play with this coding robot with friends and learn robotics, coding, computer science, game design, and IoT knowledge. With a delicate package and well-designed product, all pieces of this robot toy are sturdy and durable. High-quality materials secure the safety of kids.

5. mBot Neo

Beginner-friendly Coding Robot Kit

mBot Neo can be controlled by voice and remember and speak. Voice commands are supported, e.g., move forward, dance, and the piano music module can enlighten kids to play music. Microphone and scratch programming can both record. Expand your imagination and creativity to create more ways to play robotics for kids. For teachers' use, the wifi module allows multiple robots to be connected to do tasks together and simplifies teaching by sharing the same programming simultaneously.


Robots for Kids

With 398 pieces, kids will build a robot that holds a weapon and a shield, and also rebuild into a tank or an on-road motorboat. Then let it go forward, reverse, turn, omni-angle spin, and show off indoors. And it is perfect for parent-child time and school activities to assemble and put together with fun, which offers children a chance to learn machinery and movement mechanisms.

Age above 10

7. mBot Ranger

3-in-1 Robotics Kit for Building Robots from Scratch

Kids are crazy about role-play! Imagine a robot that can change forms to different characters that have different functions and personalities. Kids will love it! mBot Ranger is such a "transformer". mBot Ranger has three forms with three different functions and personalities: the Land Raider is a robot tank that can play in all terrains; the Nervous Bird is a self-balancing robot that can tremble to keep itself balanced; And the Dashing Raptor is a racing car with three wheels.

8. mBot Ultimate

10-in-1 Robot Building Kit for Students

Another ”transformer" shows up. mBot Ultimate has 10 robot models, such as the robot arm, rc tank. Ultimate building toys support Scratch block-based programming and the Arduino IDE. You can also combine with Raspberry Pi to realize Python programming and coding games. There are many user guides and learning resources available online which make it easier to build and code.

9. mBot Mega

Smart Remote Control Robot Car for Kids to Learn through Play

If your principal wish is that robots for kids can increase kids' coding skills or outdoor fun, check mBot Mega! Equipped with four mecanum wheels and powerful motors, mBot Mega can be remote-controlled in any direction and play indoors & outdoors to have fun. It contains 20+ coding projects such as LED control, robot avoiding obstacles, line following, and crash detection. Kids can discover endless coding fun in mBot Mega!


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