How To Use and Choose Christmas Light Bulb Tester | Buyer Guide

People usually store Christmas light bulb strings for later occasions and special events. But often these lights stop working after some time. So, when you try to light them up for the next event, these lights do not turn on.

It does not mean your Christmas light string has become useless. Instead, it could be due to a faulty bulb in the string. When you replace the faulty bulb with a new piece, the string starts working like a new one.

But how do you know which light is defective and causing the issue?

That is where a Christmas light tester comes in. With this simple tool, you can figure out the bulb or LED that needs to be replaced. You can repair the whole light string on your own.

In this article, we will discuss what a Christmas light tester is, how to use it, and share the best light testers on the market. We will also share some LED decoration recommendations to help you light up your house and Christmas tree and make them eye-catching for everyone.

Introduction to Christmas Light Bulb Tester

A Christmas light tester is a DIY tool to detect defective lights in a light string. It checks the voltage across an LED or bulb and lets you know whether the LED works.

You can find two types of Christmas light testers, and knowing which one you need is important.
1. Incandescent Light Tester
2. LED Light Tester

You need an LED light tester if your Christmas string has LED lights. But if it has incandescent lights, you need the Incandescent light tester.

A light tester also finds other issues with a light string. If all the lights in the string are fine, the fuse could have an issue. Some testers also allow you to check the fuse and know if it is intact.

You can also find a light checker in a tester. Insert the light between the terminals, which will help you check whether the light is defective or flawless.

How to Use Light Bulb Tester

Using a light bulb tester is pretty simple. It does not require any experience or knowledge.

Step 1: Prepare the light bulb tester by inserting the batteries.

Step 2: Insert the light string plug into a wall socket or extension.

Step 3: If there is any fuse in the light thread, take it out and check using the bulb tester. You will hear a beep sound if the fuse is intact.

Step 4: Move the light tester from the plug to the other end. Press the checking button when you are near the bulbs.

Step 5: If you hear the beep sound, it means the bulb is working perfectly well. But if you miss the beep while traversing the whole thread, it means there is an issue with that bulb.

Step 6: Take out the bulb. Insert it into the light bulb tester and check whether it works. If it lights up, it means the bulb is fine, and it was loose. Insert the bulb tightly. But if the bulb does not glow, get a replacement bulb and insert it.

Note that some light testers cannot sense the faulty bulb when it is connected. You have to remove the bulb and place it on the tester to determine whether it is fine or damaged.

5 Best Christmas Light Bulb Testers to Buy

We have picked the best Christmas light bulb testers you can try. These can help you solve the issues with the light string without any hassle.

1. LightKeeper Pro Incandescent Light Tester

Christmas Light Bulb Tester

LightKeeper Pro is the most popular light tester on the market. It could be a perfect choice if you have a thread of incandescent bulbs.

It is a complete tool that fixes various issues with the thread. Firstly, you can check the fuse of your light thread. It will beep if the fuse is not broken. Moreover, it also has a dedicated bulb checker. Insert the bulb, and it will glow if it is not broken.

The best thing about this tester is the quick-fix method. You just need to take out a bulk and insert the bulb holder into the light tester. Press the trigger a few times, and if there is any shunt issue in the light tread, it will be fixed, and the thread will start to glow.

You can also check the individual light bulbs through this tool. It alarms you with a beep sound if the bulb is intact. You can pull the bulb without any hassle. But if it is jammed, use the bulb puller of the tool to take out the bulb.

Keep in mind that you can use this tester for incandescent bulbs only. It will not work on LEDs. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime guarantee, which is commendable.

2. LED Light Keeper

LED Light Keeper

This Christmas light tester is for LED lights. If there is a faulty bulb in the string, it can be detected without removing the lights one by one.

You need to put the wide in the given place markers. It will illuminate the working LEDs, and then you can easily detect the broken ones.

It is better to replace the broken LED with a new one. After that, your string will start working as a new string. But if the lights are not replaceable or you don’t have a replacement option, you can use the replacement pods that come along with this light tester.

The tester has a light bulb tester, fuse tester, and light puller. So, it is a complete tool that can be used to fix faulty LED strings.

People usually prefer LED lights these days, so it is the best option for them to keep their LED strings working.

3. Brite Star Light Tester

Brite Star Light Tester

Brite Star light tester is for incandescent light strings. You can use it to detect the broken bulbs quickly. Just run over the string and press the button. If the bulb is faulty, remove it using the puller at the back of the tester.

You can also test the bulb by placing it on the tester. Check the new bulb before placing it in the string. It also has a fuse checker, making your testing much easier.

It comes with the replacement bulbs and a fuse. The batteries are also included in the package. It is a very affordable option compared to similar testers on the market.

4. Westinghouse Incandescent Light Tester

Westinghouse Incandescent Light Tester

This is another light tester for incandescent bulb strings. It has four functions that make repairing light strings much easier and quicker.

You only need to press the button on each bulb. The tool will indicate whether the bulb is broken or not. The indication light on the tool will turn on if the bulb is up to the mark.

Thus, you can easily figure out the fault in the string and replace the bulb. Use the bulb puller on the tool to easily remove the bulb from its holder.

The tester has a light bulb tester, fuse tester, and light puller. So, it is a complete tool that can be used to fix faulty LED strings.

You can also check bulbs and fuses on this tester to ensure these are intact before inserting them in the string.

5. Allsun Christmas Light Tester

Allsun Christmas Light Tester

Allsun light tester is for incandescent bulbs, but it differs slightly from the products we discussed earlier.

This tool can’t detect the faulty bulb directly on the string. You have to pull the bulb out using its puller and then check it on the tester. So, removing all bulbs and then checking them one by one might take time.

However, it does the job. Check bulbs and fuses and make your Christmas light string work again. Moreover, it is also a voltage tester, so it can detect any live wire from 12-600V AC without making any contact.

Christmas LED Decorations Recommendations

1. Makeblock xLight S1

If you want to light your Christmas tree and home with smart lights, you should go with xLight S1. It is a light strip that is controlled through a programmable controller. It will take your lighting experience to the next level.

The light can be programmed and adjusted as you like. It is perfect for kids, and they can enjoy the beautiful patterns, lighting effects, and colors. It uncovers their creativity and imagination.

It contains RGB lights, so any color from these lights can be produced. You can adjust the color according to the event and décor. Up to 16 million colors can be achieved through the combination.

The exciting feature of the light is gesture control. It is possible to change colors, effects, and brightness through gestures. You can change it at any time with a simple gesture. Moreover, it can also sync with music. So, play Christmas music and enjoy the synchronization of the light.

You can control the light through the remote, mobile app, or control box. It works as you like, so you can use it throughout the year as a décor item, night light, etc.

Makeblock xLight: Night Lights with Interactive Programmable Controller
Makeblock xLight: Night Lights with Interactive Programmable Controller
Makeblock xLight: Night Lights with Interactive Programmable Controller
Makeblock xLight: Night Lights with Interactive Programmable Controller
Makeblock xLight: Night Lights with Interactive Programmable Controller
Makeblock xLight: Night Lights with Interactive Programmable Controller
Makeblock xLight: Night Lights with Interactive Programmable Controller
Makeblock xLight: Night Lights with Interactive Programmable Controller

Makeblock xLight: Night Lights with Interactive Programmable Controller

View Details

2. Mini Christmas Lights

Mini Christmas Lights

These are the traditional Christmas lights to decorate your house. There are 150 mini lights in each string, which is large enough to decorate the whole Christmas tree. You get two 150 light strings in each pack.

The traditional green color wire and holders take it to the next level. But remember that these lights are clear, so if you need the colorful ones, you need to check out the next product.

It contains incandescent bulbs, so it is possible to repair the string using a light tester. The pack includes spare bulbs, flasher lights, and fuses to use later.

3. Philips 100 LED Multicolor Faceted C9 Christmas Lights

Philips 100 LED Multicolor Faceted C9 Christmas Lights

Philips Christmas lights are reliable, bright, and elegant. These contain 100 C9 lights, much larger than the mini lights. These are perfect for decorating large Christmas trees.

These colorful lights will catch everyone’s attention. They are not only bright but also energy savers. You can use them indoors as well outdoors as they are weather resistant.

One hundred lights have a length of 49 feet, which is enough to lighten a tree, balcony, or window, and you can connect up to 45 strands to cover your whole house.