Introduce Makeblock's New Coding Learning Solutions: mBot/CyberPi with Coding Box to Make Learning More Fun

We're thrilled to announce our 10th anniversary and express our deepest gratitude to our incredible community. Over the past decade, your unwavering support has meant the world to us. To commemorate this milestone and make coding learning easier and more enjoyable for kids of all ages, we're excited to introduce two new products: mBot with Coding Box and CyberPi with Coding Project Box.

1. mBot with Coding Box

Makeblock mBot: Kid's First Robot Kit for DIY and STEM Learning

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1.1 Beginner-Friendly Educational Robot—mBot

mBot is an easy-to-build robot kit for beginners to learn electronics, robotics, and programming especially kids that are aged over 6 years old. mBot is buildable and playable, which is the best choice for kids' first robot. Compatible with other building blocks, mBot enables your children to enjoy their robotic project for a longer time to help improve their spatial intelligence. It helps kids learn from block-based programming to text-based programming with rich learning tutorials. It could be customized with rich add-on packs from Makeblock, enabling kids to unleash their creativity.

The Coding Box provides kids with diverse themes to learn through engaging and fulfilling projects, making programming more exciting and more fun. This could greatly grow kids' interests and appreciation for coding learning. Kids could have a more robust and direct understanding of basic robotics projects. Learner's enjoyment is increased as they can develop customized games and learn while playing. For instance, the mBot Coding Box offers projects "Control mBot like a TV set, mBot's Eyes - Ultrasonic Sensors, Make mBot Follow a Line”. The CyberPi Coding Box offers "Feed the Unicorn, Crazy Race, and Voice Control to Drive Robot."

1.2 mBot Coding Box

Introducing the mBot Coding Box - a fantastic kit featuring 4 coding projects that showcase robot coding and control, Ultrasonic Sensors, and Line-following processes. With this incredible package, kids can engage in hands-on creation with mBot while following step-by-step tutorials. It's an excellent opportunity for them to explore, learn, and vastly improve their coding skills.

Project 1: Meet Your mBot

In this project, users have the ability to control a robot using the Makeblock mobile app. Children have the opportunity to build a robot from the ground up and immerse themselves in the excitement of hands-on creation. Additionally, kids can unlock limitless possibilities for additional exploration and customization by personalizing their mBot.

Project 2: Control mBot like a TV set

In this project, users are able to utilize wireless Bluetooth remote controllers to control the mBot, much like operating a TV set. As kids learn about programming and coding the mBot, they also discover the immense power and untapped potential that the mBot possesses.

Project 3: mBot‘s Eyes - Ultrasonic Sensors

The project aims to assist children in delving into the principles and applications of ultrasonic sensors and integrating lighting control capabilities. An ultrasonic sensor acts as the "eyes" of the mBot robot, enabling it to gauge the distance from objects in its path. Through this project, children will have the opportunity to explore and showcase their potential for creating dynamic and interactive environments.

Project 4: Make mBot Follow a Line

Participants in this project will become familiar with the principles and develop a deeper comprehension of the applications of line-following sensors, enabling them to incorporate basic line-following functionality. This practical experience will demonstrate the practicality of these skills in real-world situations, enhancing children's logical reasoning abilities.

2. CyberPi with Coding Box

Makeblock CyberPi: Educational Electronics Kits for Beginners to Learn Programming

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2.1 Creativity and Exploration Fueling Kit—CyberPi

Introducing the CyberPi - a versatile educational electronic kit designed for computer science and coding education. Packed with built-in electronic sensors and a vibrant full-color display screen, this powerful device offers endless possibilities to dive into Block-based or Python coding and unleash your creativity.

2.2 Somatosensory Coding Box

This Coding project box is appealing and immersive for beginners as it offers 4 somatosensory games that help users learn to program in a fun and interactive way. These motion-sensing games mainly help children learn basic coding, including character sensing and tracking, variables, sprite movement, loops, random numbers, and so on.

Project 1: Beat the Little Monster

By engaging in coding project learning with step-by-step tutorials, children can unleash their creativity and enjoy creating games like "Beat the Littler Monster." In this exciting game, players must skillfully wield a hammer to strike down monsters as they swiftly appear. Each successful hit adds to their score, driving them to aim for higher achievements. Not only does this game entertain, but it also cultivates character sensing and tracking abilities, fostering improved concentration skills in children.

Project 2: Feed the Unicorn

Through coding project learning with easy-to-follow tutorials, kids can unleash their creativity and have a blast creating games like "Feed the Unicorn." In this exciting game, a magical unicorn appears randomly, and it's up to the player to feed it within a limited time. This challenge motivates children to enhance their critical thinking skills through endless experimentation and persistence. In addition to mastering sprite drawing, movement, variables, random numbers, and repeating loops, kids will also gain an understanding of angle tilting and sound effects.

Project 3: Giraffe Looks for Friends

By diving into coding project learning with user-friendly tutorials, kids can unlock their creativity and have an exciting time developing games like "Giraffe Looks for Friends." In this captivating game, a unicorn will make occasional appearances, and it's the player's task to guide their giraffe to touch another giraffe, thus forming a friendship. This interactive adventure greatly aids children in comprehending the usage of accelerometers and variable calculations. Moreover, it encourages them to think innovatively, constantly exploring fresh approaches to achieve superior outcomes.

Project 4: Warrior and Ghost

By engaging in coding project learning with user-friendly tutorials, kids can unleash their creativity and have an absolute blast creating games like "Warrior and Ghost." In this thrilling game, the player assumes the role of a warrior, tasked with launching star attacks at a ghost while skillfully avoiding its fiery flames. This immersive gaming experience enables children to grasp essential coding concepts such as win/lose condition checking, sprite following, character sensing and tracking, sprite drawing, and sprite movement.

3. Benefits of Learning with Coding Box

Rapid Entry Into Coding Learning

mBot is buildable within 15 minutes, facilitating a quick start for kids to programming learning. CyberPi has an out-of-the-box feature, enabling a rapid start and initiation to program learning. Getting started can sometimes feel overwhelming, while Coding Box is friendly for learners as it helps them jumpstart their programming journey. Added that coding cards are well designed to help kids learn common programming concepts. The effective usage of coding cards helps children quickly understand and grasp the fundamentals of programming and achieve code learning while playing.

A lower Entry Barrier

These coding boxes offer clear guidance and understandable learning materials, which are easy to understand and comprehend for children of all ages. There is no need to worry even if you have no specialized skills and experience. By lowering the learning entry barrier, the coding box helps attract more beginners to embark on their coding learning journey and enter the coding field more easily.

Develop 21st-Century Skills

Through persistent coding and programming attempts, students will learn to embrace failure as a valuable learning experience. As they discover solutions and overcome challenges, their confidence soars and their creativity flourishes. Undoubtedly, their coding skills will greatly improve as a result. Each step of the coding card project presents immediate challenges, enabling children to continually understand, apply, receive feedback, and enhance their programming learning process. These skills are vital in the 21st century and equip children to face future challenges with confidence.

Engaging Themes Grow Learning Interest

The coding box features an enriching and fun-filled theme game, which could greatly grow kids' interests and appreciation for coding learning. They could also be engaged in those interactive and fun projects. They will be deeply engaged in these projects and improve their concentration while enjoying learning coding. The game-based programming provides a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in which children can learn to solve a variety of problems.

4. Summary

The Coding Box is the ideal and powerful tool that provides beginners with an interactive and engaging learning experience, inspiring learners' curiosity and desire to explore further learning. The step-by-step detailed tutorial allows beginners to start programming and learning easily. It provides a hands-on, visual, and gamified approach that sparks kids' interest. If you have mBot, never miss the chance to grab the coding box to power your coding learning journey.


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