New Launch: mBot2 Rover Emo Robot: All-in-One Educational Robot Kit for Learning Coding, Robotics and Engineering

June 20, 2024  | Makeblock

Ever noticed your child's coding journey losing its spark? Building and coding robots is cool, but what if they could do more? Imagine their frustration when they can't customize their robot to match their imagination. Without that freedom, excitement fades fast.

Enter mBot2 Rover Emo Robot – the perfect boost for your child's coding adventures! mBot2 together with an add-on pack, unlocks endless possibilities, letting kids craft a robot that's uniquely theirs. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to boundless imagination! Let's dive in and see how this kit empowers them to take their coding to the next level!

What is mBot2 Rover Emo Robot?

mBot2 Rover Emo AI Robot contains both the mBot2 and the Rover Robotics Add-on Pack. This versatile kit empowers users to select their preferred robot configuration, construct it, and embark on an engaging journey of programming and robotics projects. Kids can then utilize the contents of the add-on pack to assemble and build a Rover robot with features like off-road capability, grasping, expressions, and color recognition. Whether you're an educator seeking to enrich your classroom activities or a parent eager to ignite your child's passion for STEM, this kit caters to everyone's needs.

Makeblock mBot2 Rover Robotics Kit: Kid's Interactive Emo Robot for Coding Learning and Outdoor Play


Ideal for Education and Homeschooling

The mBot2 Rover Emo Robot is an ideal tool for both educational settings and homeschooling. With its comprehensive features and versatile applications, this kit provides a rich, engaging learning experience. Here's why it stands out:

1. From Beginner to Advanced Learning


The mBot2 Rover Emo Robot offers a smooth learning curve, starting from basic construction and coding to advanced robotics and programming. The kit includes 24+ basic learning projects, 8+ professional courses, and official sample programs. These resources help children start from scratch, gradually mastering fundamental coding skills through building and graphical programming. As they advance, kids can tackle more complex challenges with Rover, delving into Python programming, computer science, and artificial intelligence.

2. Customized Expression for Social Emotion


We’re super excited to introduce a fantastic feature for your mBot2 Rover: Customizable Expressions! Imagine your Rover not only following your commands but also expressing itself in unique and fun ways.

Customizable Expressions allow kids to personalize their Rover’s facial expressions and animations through programming to enhance interaction and create their own robot. Think of it as giving the robot its own personality! Kids can select from a variety of pre-designed expressions like happy, sad, surprised, and more. Or, get creative and draw your own expressions on the screen! Then, kids can bring Rover to life in the most delightful ways.

That's not all! Kids can also experience another exciting feature - Expression Generation, powered by mBlock's AI model. With Expression Generation, children can explore by selecting from a wide range of colors, emotions, and styles to generate captivating expressions. This innovative feature enhances the visual appeal of mBot Rover, bringing AI concepts to life in an engaging and interactive manner.

Also, thanks to the vibrant 1.44-inch HD CyberPi screen, mBot2 Rover can now show a wide range of emotions and reactions in high definition, making the picture colors more vibrant. Imagine Rover taking a little "nap" when it's idling, with its eyes drooping and a cute yawn animation playing on the CyberPi screen. Or, when you pick it up, it could instantly switch to a "surprised" expression, eyes wide open. If kids are coding the new expression, they can run the code and tweak it as needed to get the perfect reactions. It's like having your very own expressive companion that reacts to every situation with charm.

3. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Exploration

Unleash Your Outdoor Adventures.jpg__PID:b40db16d-a6aa-43ec-8492-2fe5f90b31a0

The Rover is a versatile companion, ready to conquer any terrain with its high-precision motors and multifunctional tracks, whether it's indoors or outdoors. It comes packed with features like a mechanical claw and spring shock absorbers, ensuring stability and adaptability wherever it goes.

Indoors, the fun gets even better! Your child can engage in household games like claw machine challenges, where the mBot2 Rover attempts to grasp various objects. With the remote controller, you can enjoy family games like navigating mazes or popping balloons, adding excitement to your indoor adventures. Picture the thrill as your robot maneuvers through a labyrinth or the laughter when it successfully pops balloons, creating memorable bonding moments with loved ones.

But that's not all; the Rover's standout feature is its impressive off-road capability, allowing it to climb slopes up to 40°. This means your child can embark on thrilling outdoor adventures, navigating challenging terrains and steep inclines effortlessly. Whether conquering an outdoor hill or overcoming homemade course obstacles, the Rover's ability to handle steep slopes adds an exciting dimension to the robotics experience.

Its shock absorbers, metal gear motors, and caterpillar wheels combine to form a full-terrain chassis structure, enabling the robot to traverse any landscape, from gravel to grassy fields. This versatile design ensures that the mBot2 Rover can easily navigate diverse environments, maintaining stability and traction even on rocky terrain or uneven surfaces.

With its robust construction and specialized components, the Rover is equipped to conquer obstacles and easily explore various terrains. Whether indoors or outdoors, it provides endless opportunities for exploration and adventure, helping children learn scientific principles and develop logical thinking and creativity while having fun.

4. Exploring Coding and Robotics with the mBot2 Rover Emo Robot

One of the most exciting aspects of the mBot2 Rover Emo Robot is its focus on coding and robotics. This kit offers an innovative learning experience that transitions from block-based coding to Python programming, making it suitable for beginners and advanced learners alike. The mBot2 is equipped with high-precision encoders, providing robust control that aids in teaching mathematics, physics, and engineering principles. As kids progress, they can take on more complex projects, enhancing their coding skills and understanding of robotics.

5. Intuitive Remote Control: Bluetooth Remote Controller

The mBot2 Rover Emo Robot comes with a Bluetooth remote controller featuring 15 physical buttons and two joysticks. This controller allows users to program and customize functions, offering a seamless and professional robot control experience. Whether in the classroom, at home, or outdoors, children can enjoy interactive play while developing hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and creativity.

6. Safe and Durable Design

Safety and durability are paramount in the design of the mBot2 Rover Emo Robot. Constructed with an industrial-grade metal structure, the kit ensures stability and longevity. All electronic components are encased in injection-molded shells to protect against static electricity and collisions. Additionally, the product has passed multiple safety certifications, including CE, ROHS, CPSIA, ASTM, and CPC, ensuring it meets international safety standards.

Designed for durability, the mBot2 Rover Emo AI Robot ensures longevity with its robust metal framework and powerful 2500mAh battery. This strong combination guarantees exceptional performance, whether the robot is completing tasks or providing entertainment. Its rugged construction enables Rover to endure the challenges of spirited play and exploration, establishing it as a dependable companion for children as they venture into the realm of robotics.

7. Craft Your World: DIY Customization Adventures with the mBot2 Rover Robotics Kit

Multiple Creative DIY Options.jpg__PID:7040c7b4-0db1-4da6-aa13-ec84922fe5f9

First up, there's DIY with an Expansion Board. By connecting multiple sensors and electronic modules with the expansion board, kids can take their creations to the next level. This not only enhances the flexibility of their builds but also introduces them to the fascinating world of STEAM projects. Imagine building a robot that can sense its surroundings and respond accordingly - that's the power of the expansion board!

Then, there's DIY with Building Blocks. Who doesn't love building with blocks? With compatibility with LEGO building blocks, kids can let their imaginations run wild as they customize and modify their robots. Whether it's adding wings for flight or wheels for speed, building blocks allow for endless creativity in robotic design.

But wait, there's more! With DIY, kids can truly make their mBot2 Rover their own. The customizable feature lets them add laser-cut custom patterns, giving each creation its own unique flair. And if you have access to a laser-cutting machine, the possibilities are even greater! Designing your own accessories, from backpacks to headgear, lets your robot take on a whole new personality.

8. Custom Robot: Sing and Dance

Imagine having a robot that entertains you! With the mBot2 Rover Emo Robot, kids can create a custom robot to sing and dance. This means your child can program their robot to perform fun routines, combining music and movement for a unique and engaging experience. Whether it's dancing to a favorite tune or putting on a show for family and friends, this feature adds an extra layer of enjoyment and creativity to your child's robotics journey.

9. Versatile Connectivity

The mBot2 Rover supports multiple connectivity options, including USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth. This flexibility allows users to control the robot and engage in programming via smartphones, tablets, or computers. The built-in WiFi module supports IoT and LAN functions, enabling various game designs and developments. Furthermore, the kit is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, and Android, providing maximum convenience for users.

10. Ideal Gift for Tech Enthusiasts

The Best Gift for Advancing Programming Skills.jpg__PID:f626f511-ad93-4c14-a056-b4272c305a37

Looking for the perfect gift for the tech-savvy person in your life? Look no further than the mBot2 Rover Emo Robot. Whether they're into mechanical marvels or futuristic gadgets, this kit is sure to delight. With its versatile control options, including smartphone, tablet, and remote controller, it's the ultimate gift for anyone who loves a good challenge.

Is mBot2 Rover Easy to Start?

Starting your child's journey into robotics has never been easier, thanks to the mBot2 Rover Emo Robot. With its user-friendly design and versatile connections, both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts can dive right in. Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to effortless exploration!

How to use mBot2 Rover for coding

Embarking on the journey of programming from ground zero or nurturing coding skills from scratch has never been more accessible with mBlock 5, our versatile coding software. Tailored for learners of all ages, mBlock 5 offers a seamless transition from zero to one programming, empowering users with the fundamental building blocks of coding.

mBlock 5 - Uniting Blocks and Python for Robotic Adventures

Professional & Free Software - mBlock.jpg__PID:57d0c11b-f626-4511-ad93-bc14e056b427

At the heart of our coding ecosystem lies mBlock 5, a powerful platform meticulously crafted for robotics, STEM education, and coding exploration. Developed based on Scratch 3.0, mBlock 5 seamlessly blends block-based and Python programming languages, offering users unparalleled freedom in creating games, animations, and programming Makeblock robots and other open-resource hardware.

Key Features of mBlock 5:
1. Block-Based Programming:
Drawing inspiration from Scratch, the globally influential programming language for children, mBlock 5 simplifies coding with its intuitive block-based interface.

2. One-Click Switch to Python: Transitioning from block-based to text-based coding is effortless with mBlock 5, allowing users to switch to Python coding with just one click seamlessly.

3. Integrating AI into Learning: With integrated Microsoft cognitive services and Google deep learning, mBlock 5 introduces learners to cutting-edge technologies such as AI, enriching their coding experience with engaging activities like age guessing and rock-paper-scissors games.

4. Powerful IoT Applications: Bridging the gap between physical and digital realms, mBlock 5 unleashes creativity with cloud services tailored for IoT teaching. Users can easily embark on exciting IoT projects like Weather Reports and Smart Lighting, integrating robotics and electronic modules.


The mBot2 Rover Emo Robot is a gateway to a world of coding, robotics, and endless creativity. With its powerful features, customizable options, and comprehensive learning resources, it's an ideal choice for educators and parents looking to provide a fun, engaging, and educational experience.

So, why wait? Dive into the world of robotics today and witness your child's imagination soar. Order the mBot2 Rover Emo Robot and let your child's coding adventures begin. Together, let's innovate, explore, and create a brighter future through the power of robotics!

Makeblock mBot2 Rover Robotics Kit: Kid's Interactive Emo Robot for Coding Learning and Outdoor Play


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