The 10 Best Remote Control Robots | Ultimate Guide for Buyers

Are you falling for Nintendo Switch games like "The Legend of Zelda" or "Animal Crossing"? It's cool to play games with a remote controller. What if it's a remote control robot toy that can play in reality?
Remote control robots can unlimitedly amplify the fun of playing indoors and outdoors. With smart interactive functions, remote control robots are a perfect choice for families and classes with kids.
There are so many factors that need to be considered to pick a remote control robot for the best cost performance. We pick the 10 best remote control robots and prepare an ultimate guide for buyers to pick the best remote control robots.

Types of Remote Control Robot

Remote control robots can be classified referring to two dimensions: the remote controller type and the way the robots move.

1. The remote controller types

Remote control robots can be classified referring to two dimensions: the remote controller type and the way the robots move.

The advantages of a button controller:

1) Cheap
Button remote controllers usually have a lower cost than the joystick remote controller, as button remote controllers are made of cheaper materials and have an easier production process.
2) Lightweight
Some of the button remote controllers have a much smaller size than the joystick controller. The button remote controller can sometimes be palm-sized. It's easier to carry with you.

The advantages of a joystick controller:

1) Playable
The joystick controller is more playable than the button controller. As the joysticks can output command signals for movements in all directions rather than left and right.
2) Textured
The joystick controller is more textured and more well-felt than the button controller. As remote controllers with joysticks can achieve more refined operations for robots.
Check more about joysticks:  # How to use joysticks to control a robot

2. The way robots move

Remote control robots mainly have three ways to move forward: "human-like legs", "wheels" or "tracks".

1) Human-like Legs

Remote Control Robots

Some humanoid robots have human-like legs and walk like us. This kind of movement method is cool,  however, it limits the speed of robots.

2) Wheels

Smart Remote Control Robot Car for Kids to Learn through Play

Remote control robots with wheels usually have a car appearance. Wheels can achieve high speed with agile direction changing. Some remote control robots use Mecanum wheels to achieve omnidirectional rotation and side drifting in a narrow space and are more wear-resistant: What are Mecanum Wheels? | Robot Parts Dictionary

3) Tracks

10-in-1 Robot Building Kit for Students

Remote control robots with tracks are less available on the market but really cool! Tracks can better adapt to different terrains such as sand, slopes, grasslands, and so on. Remote control robots with tracks have powerful off-road capability. The tracks are more wear-resistant, however, tracks may be slower at speed and rotation compared to wheels.

The 10 Best Remote Control Robot

1. mBot Mega

Smart Remote Control Robot Car for Kids to Learn through Play

mBot Mega is a remote control car with Mecanum wheels that can support all direction movements. mBot Mega is matched with the smart remote controller with joysticks. With strong motor-driving ability, mBot Mega can explore learning fun in multiple functions like obstacle avoidance, line following, and remote control.
You can even reequip mBot Mega to a spider robot: # How to code a spider robot (four-legged), and fully enjoy the fun of joystick operation, coding, and engineering.

2. Hamourd

Remote Control Robots

Hamourd is equipped with tracks of tanks, 6 wheels, and a 2.4GHz remote controller. It can move and dance under remote control, which is ideal for entry-level children. It will provide hours of fun for children.

3. Robo Pets Cat

Remote Control Robots

Robo Pets Cat robots can be remote-controlled to meow, sit, dance to the beat, and perform tricks. You can learn basic programming skills to unlock 30+ different actions. You can get into program mode by touching your kitty's nose. Try to feed your robotic cat with multiple fish treats! It will create your kitty's sequence of moves.

4. FDJ Remote Control Car

Remote Control Robots

A real transformer robot! FDJ Remote Control Car can change from the police car to a robot cool robot man in front of you. Kids can use the remote controller to drive the police car toy and change to robot man mode when "it meets a crisis". FDJ Remote Control Car is a perfect choice for kids to play at home!

5. Sphero mini

Remote Control Robots

Unlike any movement we mentioned before, the Sphero mini is a ball at a ping pong ball size that moves without legs, wheels, or tracks. Sphero mini is a classic educational STEM toy that can be remote-controlled by coding with an e-joystick, which is realized on Sphero's app.

6. KingsDragon

Remote Control Robots

KingsDragon is a gesture-sensing remote-control robot, which is controlled by an infrared controller. KingsDragon can turn left, turn right, slide backward, and slide forward according to hand gesture commands.

7. sumsync

Remote Control Robots

This is a remote control spider robot. It can back and forth automatically according to the set program after pressing the button. It can change crawl mode accompanied by thrilling music. The spider robot has 3 spray water mist modes at different frequencies. It is very cool!

8. Jurassic Velociraptor

Remote Control Robots

Using 8-channel 2.4G remote control toys, this Jurassic Velociraptor supports emotional and social interactions with children. It imitates dinosaurs walking, growling, shaking heads, and wagging their tails. Matched with a remote controller, it can spin walking and play music. Children can experience simulated dinosaurs and explore their endless fun.


Remote Control Robots

Just the WALL-E from the movie! This WALL-E robot can be remote-controlled to move forward and back up with a 2-button remote controller. Kids can choose light and sound from 20 combinations to get a wonderful immersed experience.

10. mBot Neo

Beginner-friendly Coding Robot Kit

mBot Neo is a perfect remote control coding robot. Apart from the matching smart remote controller, mBot Neo is equipped with the most versatile microcontroller to achieve the most agile detection and accurate movement. mBot is also a STEM robot that can help kids with their coding, engineering, and building. Kids can also customize mBot Neo with LEGO bricks to maximize their creativity. Check how to code a remote control function for mBot Neo: #How to code a remote control

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